Stay Healthy and Be Happy...

조회 수 6932 2011.12.01 03:57:34

Choi Ji Woo, ...the sky not as bright as usual today, but seems no sign to rain. Sitting over 1000metres from sea level, ...felt that this place was empty and silent. What was happened today? Haha...I think the sun is not happy, no smile.

I love to read all the letters from your fans. Very entertaining, really. Do you know why? They wrote love letters to starjiwoo. They express their feelings and Love to Choi Ji Woo. How wonderful, right?

As for me, Choi Ji Woo is my Choi Ji Woo, I never miss your dramas and movies. Very entertaining. Stay where you are 'cause I love you too. So, Choi Ji Woo, how about have a cup of coffee with me?

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