StarJiWoo members~~

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Choi JiWoo
"StarJiWoo" members, don't feel so bad~~ (8.26.01)

Hello~ JiWoo posts for the 2nd time.

(I heard)There was a crazy episode in our "StarJiWoo".
When I visited the free board, by chance, I found out that our members waited until 5 in the morning, so I couldn't let this pass.  How sleepy~~  ke ke
My fault is big.  Because I emphasized the transforming robot characteristics so much, this kind of thing had happened...
But does this mean I won't transform next time?  ho ho  I can't do that~
My transformations will continue.  Juuuuu~kkkkkk~~
But instead, I'll tell the webmaster (my changed ID) beforehand.  I'll give the code to Dragon(JiWoo's manager's ID).
So elder sister HyunJu, don't feel so bad.  I'll blow on your scarred feeling puff~puff.
Now to all the friends who also waited, puff~puff~  It's all healed now, right?
Oh!  Elder sister AhRin, congrat-congratulate you on your marriage anniversity.  Also congrat-congrats to CodeName elder sister's broadcast!!
I worry that I could be in the way of everyone's work, especially the elder sisters who run this site.  Please sleep when you need to and take rests inbetween.
Well, please keep encouraging JiWoo a lot. And good health to all~~

Then I'm off    shooo~ruuut~

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2002.02.11 11:59:24

이구구구..저 지금 학교에서 영어분데 지우언니 영어말 하나도 못알아 듣겠따...ㅠ.ㅠ 벌써 11살인데 저것도 못읽다니... 내가 밉도당...


2002.02.27 13:12:11

지우 누나가 영얼 절케 잘하다닛~!ㅋㄷㅋㄷ..아니겠지여?저거 왜 영어로 나와엽.ㅜㅜ


2004.02.24 23:33:39

I miss you since I saw you
I can't forget you look,so I joined and became the member
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