Hello!!! This is Ryu SiWon!!!!

조회 수 48880 2002.01.21 17:44:19
Ryu SiWon
Nice to meet you, I came here because someone from JiWoo's homepage came to my homepage!!

It's really nice to meet all of you!!
JiWoo!! Congratulation on your homepage^^
The homepage is pretty, like JiWoo.........^^

Everyone, please give lots of love to JiWoo, and I hope you all can become unchanging fans.
She's a very nice and innocent friend!!
Maybe it's because I worked with her the most, but she is a very dear and pretty friend who I deeply care for!!
Although, for the time being, I won't be able to meet JiWoo in dramas......

I'm sure there will be another chance later!

Everyone, I ask you to please cherish JiWoo and give unchanging love to her!!
Take care, and be happy!!  I'll visit here often!!

Ah, visit my homepage, too!!!
It's http://www.ryusiwon.net
To add, this song is my homepage company's theme song!!  Good, huh?  ^^#

Hey JiWoo!~~~~You visit, too!!  If you want to leave a message.......In the menu at Community...at Free or FanLetter......  Actually, other friends leave their messages in For SiWon....But you gotta register first!! If you have problems call me!!^^ Bye~~~~

(This is a repost of 8.27.01)

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2002.02.08 14:07:34

Not PoShiWon but For Siwon is right.


2002.02.18 20:25:13

Sorry... Was there anything else I need to fix? ^^


2007.05.15 18:12:02

hiiiiiiiii.....my name is lilis from Indonesia........i like you JiWoo and i like ryu siwon.so i love you all
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