Jiwoo greets to you~~*

조회 수 39869 2001.11.26 00:00:05
Choi ji woo
The weather turned cold..
I am looking over screenplays for my next work..
I come to Starjiwoo very often..
Thank you so much for loving me..
I will work harder..

Tomorrow, I think I'll have an interview with a Chinese TV station..
I think I'll finally get to see ByunHun and SiWon again..
We are having the interview together..

I heard sister HyunJu blackmailed my manager to make me post new messages^^
You do know that I type like an eagle^^
Even this message took a long time to write..Whew~~

When we meet again in the next broadcast work, please give me
good advice and strength~~*
Starting tomorrow, they say it will get really cold..
Stay healthy..  I love you~~~**

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2001.11.26 10:45:24

JiWoo'starting point is KOREA,so KOREA'fans is her most support


2001.11.26 10:59:30

i am what? i am her propagator.i believe it->JiWoo have a beautiful future.


2001.11.27 12:03:23

Dear Ji Woo


2001.11.27 12:04:32

You are so kindly to your fans, here are many


2001.11.27 12:04:56

many people love you and Byung Hun


2001.11.27 12:05:15

we can see your drama everyday now, the love


2001.11.27 12:05:44

to you is increasing. But we can't see any drama of Byung Hun at present, many people miss him so much.


2001.11.27 12:06:04

Could you please tell him here are many many people love him when you meet him? We are looking forward to seeing you and Byung Hun in Taiwan and your next cooperation soon. You will always have our support with love. take care. with Best Regards and love from Taiwan.sujwo@ms12.hinet.net


2001.11.27 20:40:16

Dear ji woo,thank you for leaving message in English,so that we come from another nation can see your message!


2001.11.27 20:41:57

PS.I come from Taiwan.

Tsz Wa

2001.12.01 04:56:09

I love you ! I come from Hong Kong !


2002.01.28 20:36:25

wow! ji-woo sister veryvery good!!


2002.03.20 20:43:12

mo.. moranungiya;;;


2002.03.25 01:41:30

i dont know where to write and i dont know who im writing to..if i had to say something to choi ji woo (uhnee) den i would say come to california!! x) i cant speak korean that well so i type in english


2002.03.30 17:44:46


2002.06.02 16:50:54

Jiwoo, When will you come to Hong Kong?


2002.06.02 16:51:52

Jiwoo, You are a good actress!


2002.09.08 00:38:09

come to malaysia!


2002.11.26 12:56:34

Hi Jiwoo oni & hawk~ I;m so miss you in Taiwan!


2003.01.01 03:15:18



2004.07.03 06:07:34

I just finished Stairway to Heaven. I live in Hawaii and I am now a big fan of yours. You do wonderful work.

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