Welcome you to our city!

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Our dearest Choi Ji Woo!

The most beautiful dream is coming true... 

How can we express great happiness to greet you in November.

Our strong support to you is never changeable.

Time just only increases much more love to you since our respect for what you have done with your beautiful devotion.

We still stand by you in your any projects.

The deepest gratitude to your wonderful performances live in our heart forever!

So excited about saying "We Love You!" at the airport.

If you cannot hear our sweet words, your pretty smile is always the best!

"We Love You!" Our dearest Choi Ji Woo!

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2017.10.26 14:23:59

Ji Woo !

Beside the unchangeable strong support to you in a long time, we also receive the most cheerful encouragement from your great characters.

How fortunate we have been following your every work that stimulates our high spirit and boost the energy overcoming toughest obstacles in life.

Our mind loves Choi Ji Woo's honesty, special efforts, warm heart and prettiest smiles since all belong to the real wonder of Art.

We became your faithful fans from far away countries, wishing to meet you in person, give you a big hug...

We have an awesome collection of your movies and dramas in our room.

You maybe surprised as this is our lifetime treasure.

Over 12 years we have been watching your performances, understanding that our two cultures have the same significant beauty.

It's terrific getting to know one another in the big world.

Ji Woo, 

Since you are very important to your beloved fans despite any distances, be happy all the time!

"Be Happy!" is it also your lovely thought to us ?

Dreaming of embracing you once when greeting you in our city...


Love and Support our dearest Choi Ji Woo forever !!!!!


2017.10.31 22:02:48

Ji Woo... Our Ho Chi Minh City is very excited about welcoming your first visit !!!!! Your nice fans not only in Ho Chi Minh City but also in far away places are excited about greeting you with meaningful gifts...

Wish all the best to our dearest Choi Ji Woo every day. 

See you !!!!!

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