Hello Jiwoo

조회 수 16595 2008.04.09 00:10:16
This is my first visitting to your Home Page.
I am writing from Japan.

I am watching Winter Sonata on Gyao whitch is net video in Japan.

I am looking foward to watching last story in next week.

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2008.05.11 16:20:39

I'm one of your avid fan from the United States. I got hooked on all your dramas & movies since I watched Winter Sonata in 2006. I collect some of your dramas & movies. Unfortunately, your older dramas & movies are hard to get because they are out of print already. I wish I knew you before 2006. You're an excellent actress & very beautiful, too. I hope to see you soon in another drama or movie. Good luck & God bless you always. I hope someday, I'll meet you in South Korea. I became interested in South Korea because of you. I'm visiting South Korea next year.
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