Loida Vita

2009.02.06 20:23

Hello! I'm a no.1 fan of your current drama. I'm so addicted to this.
The actor Joo Yi Tae and the actress Choi Ji Woo, they are acting so great. Everytime I'm watching it, I feel their joy and also their pain.
Oh dear, the current last 2 episodes are so lonely that my heart hurt so much.
I don't understand that this drama has a low rating. Whats wrong about the Korean people?
Well, the script and the whole cast are all great..So thank you, thank you very much for making these wonderful drama and I hope to see more drama from you all, maybe Stars Lover 2.
Kim Chul Soo and Lee Mari... Aja-aja, Fighting!!!!
From,Loida ( Hamburg/Germany)

P.S.I hope these drama has a happy ending! i cant cry anymore, no tears left!!!