2009.02.06 23:37

To Choi Jiwoo :
i've been a fan of yours since Winter Sonata. i'm really glad to have come across your new drama Star's Lover. sometimes i dont know anymore if you're portraying yourself or you're portraying the actress Lee Mari. your acting is so tremendously convincing that i've been captivated with Mari's charm. i love how your character presented so much depth. i see how this top star actress receives love from fans. the love she earned as a price of fame and beauty. beneath this love was a great sense of emptiness. she doesn't have anything to call her own. no one to experience real love from.. not until she met Chulsoo. meeting him changed a lot of things she thought was real. but sacrificing and feeling indebted to people cannot be out of Mari's system. i feel bad that she has to deny the most real love she has ever felt and proclaim it fake in front of the public. a consequence of their eventual parting of ways. with one week left.. i really hope MR's dream would be fulfilled. an old Mari and an old Chulsoo walking hand in hand along the riverside.

thank you so much for acting in this drama. ratings are just a test of popularity so i hope you dont get discouraged by it. this drama is wondrous in its entirety, the OST is played at all the right places, the cinematography and subtlety of the shots. i couldn't imagine anyone else to have played Mari's part than Choi Jiwoo unni. i hope to see more of your projects soon! take care always.. Mari will always have a place in my heart. such an endearing character. 염~ Couple Fighting!

To Yoo Jitae :
i've seen your movies Ditto and One Fine Spring Day but it was in Star's Lover that made you shine. i'm glad you accepted this project as your first drama. you are so fit for this role. like what i told Jiwoo unni, sometimes it's hard to differentiate what part of Chulsoo is the real Jitae. you play out your part so well that i created this fantasy of Star's Lover being a real love story of Jitae oppa and Jiwoo unni. no offense but it's a loss Jitae oppa already has a girlfriend. haha. Chulsoo is a character so easy to love and feel sorry for. i consider Eunyoung as his first girlfriend but Lee Mari as his first love. he experienced things with Mari that he never did before, he had feelings he thought he never had before. it was all because of Mari. as a child, he created an illusion for himself that two different worlds can never meet. as he grew up, he found comfort in book, in fiction, in something not real. it's the only way he can feel love, through his books. but when Mari came along, he saw the humane side of this top star actress. he saw her loneliness, her fear, her weakness which makes him curious. everytime he's within Mari's reach, he begins feeling things he knows he shouldn't have but it's beyond his control. he's smitten by Mari and the power of love empowers his very soul. there are times when reality snaps at him but time and again, he falls into Mari's trap. after a year, i feel bad for Chulsoo that he has to bear the sudden heartbreaking separation. his fear of losing Mari for the nth time leads him to decide that they should not meet ever again, even if it takes his life to live in misery without her.. i just hope the drama ends with Chulsoo learning to eventually cross over the line.

it's sad this drama is down to its last week when Star's Lover has already been my Wednesday-Thursday habit. i hope to see you on more projects in the future. may it be as an actor, writer or producer. wish you luck on your career. Kim Chulsoo would always have a place in my heart. 염~ Couple Fighting!