2009.02.07 01:15

Dear: Choi Ji Woo Ssi and Yoo Ji Tae Ssi

I want to say "thanks" so Choi Ji woo for introducing me (I am from Thailand) to Korean drama world. There might be other Korean actresses who maybe be acting better than Choi Ji woo. But to me, Choi Ji woo is still the best. She is my most favourite Korean actress and it will be like this forever. I have watched all her series and my house is full of her dramas and movies. I am a BIG fan of you, Choi Ji woo!!

Star's lover, maybe be low rated by korean, but for me, it is one of the best Korean dramas after many years. Ji woo and Ji Tae can really perform the role of Lee Mari and Kim Chulsoo well. I am amazed at them. When they laugh I laugh. When they cry I also cry, even I do not understand Korean at all. How can a person cry when they do not understand the dialogue, isnt it because of the excellent performances for the actress and actor? I am so crazy about Star's Lover now. There is only 1 week left for the series and I do not really know how much I will be missing this series when it ends. I love you, Choi Ji Woo and I will also miss you and Yoo Ji Tae and Star's Lover a lot. Take care, Ji woo. I hope you will have more series for us to watch soon!! Thank you!!

To all the staff, we are so happy and appreciated for your hard works in making this stories out for us to watch. Keep up the good works!! Aja Star's Lover fighting!!