2009.02.07 10:18

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Messages for CJW & YJT‏

I love SL very much.. at one time, I thought I went crazy
But feeling so many people are doing the same thing...hee.. that confirm I am normal... but crazy over SL...

CJW surprised me with her acting here, esp. those emotional outbursts in the recent episodes, and YJT, man, let's just say he's earned the love of many CJW fans. They truly make a beautiful couple. I wonder if they know they still have support from fans oversea...

This is the first Korean drama that has kept me to the edge of my seat. I love the actors/actresses portrayal of their characters. The crew and everyone involved in this drama is doing a fantastic job. The quality and effort in each episode is phenomenal. I can't say enough good stuff about this drama.

The chemistry between the two leads is awesome!!! I've seen CJW with other male leads, but I think the interaction between her and YJT here is just crackling with fire and intimacy. Especially the morning-after scene in Ep. 12...Boy, it melts my heart just listening to their abstract and yet very intimate exchange and CJW's giggles! Who knew CJW could be this cute! I find a good number of us are wishing that YJT didn't already have a girlfriend haha...a very very selfish thought, but can't help it..

The brighter side of the story is that I now experience the same feeling as I watch CJW and YJT. Just this sense of intense emotions palpitating just underneath the surface...Yeah you can argue it's all scripted and they are two talented actors who are capable of executing the scenes powerfully, but they are more than convincing. They can send the audience's hearts fluttering just by one look at each other.

But the chemistry between this CS & MR couple has been tremendous. I really don't remember chemistry like this in other dramas. Not that we haven't had great couples, but these two individuals really sizzle in my book!

The reunion kiss last night was breathtaking and so touching. I don't understand Korean and don't know what Yoo Ji Tae was saying before the kiss, but he acted so well that my heart ached so much and I became teary-eyed. Talk about excellent acting. Yoo Ji Tae really did it! I could never cry unless I know what the characters are saying. This is a first for me!

I love this korean drama... super! I find it hard to believe that this drama has a lower rating. This is under rated. I’m sure the international fans will support this .I guess the story settings is a bit similar to On Air , the World They Live in. it's about a star and TV and drama shooting settings . Maybe koreans viewer get tired with this concept. Oh well..... but off course in comparison Star’s Lover is way better and CJW and YJT acting are excellent! An A Class performance.