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princess elizabeth

First of all I am Ann from Philippines and I am one of your avid fan here in our country. though we couldnt understand your language but we still love watching your drama. i have collected more than 4 copies of your dvd's and i watched it all, over and over again. i know there is no chance for me seeing you in person so i just hope that you can make a drama every year so that we can watch you always. whenever i bought new dvd of you, i watched it 24hours ... because i wanna finished it in one time.. that is why no workd can be the done that day.. haha thank you for making me inspired and in love while watching all your dramas. see you next time.. now im watching star lover, this is my new one.. thanks again and god bless you..

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2012.06.10 23:25:57

happy birthday

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