CJW, teacher fallen in love...

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Even when wacky, an 'exciting girl'
Playful speech-leaf hairstyle-pure image thrown away to become a trouble maker
Third meeting with Ahn, SungKi…"Audience, I ask you to see it with kind eyes"


We thought she was a brat, but was cheerful, cool, and honest.
"It's really quite fun." 'President Who Plays The Piano'(Director Juhn, ManBae)'s Choi, JiWoo.  Is it because of the great start?  In her impression, 'confidence+composure' was full.  After '99 'Nowhere to Hide', she concentrated on TV works ever since, then she came back to movies with the romantic comedy 'President Who Plays The Piano', which opened on the 6th.

Her role in the film is 'Chae, EunSoo', who falls in love with the widowed president(Ahn, SungKi).  On TV, she is famous for her pure and innocent roles, but for this film, her image has changed 180 degrees.  Playful speech is just a start, she was even made up to look like a problematic student, chewing gums, wearing her hair like the so called 'leaf hairstyle'.  She definitely fell from her usual image.
"The director asked me to raise my acting level one tone higher.  At first, I felt uncomfortable, worried I might be exaggerating too much, but soon, EunSoo's character started to become a part of me."
With Ahn, SungKi, this is the third meeting, in '96 movie 'Adventures of Mrs. Park' and '99 'Nowhere to Hide'.  But in the previous two films, they weren't actual acting partners, so this is the first time they actually act as partners.  At first, she was careful with him, because he is a 'god-like sunbae(anyone more experienced in the same field of work).

Choi, JiWoo, showing her lovely image as a cute lead role in the movie 'President Who Plays The Piano'

"I got comfortable very quickly.  He is in one word a gentleman.  Watching him already there ready to film 30 minutes before the shoot, I learned a lot from him."  Was it because the filming atmosphere was good?  There was nothing awkward about her image, although she has switched her 'clothes'.
"I put a lot of effort.  I know there are many insufficient areas still visible, but I feel great, because I think the audience, in general, is looking kindly on me."
In the movie, students play a prank on her by giving her a drink with foreign materials in it.  On that scene, Choi, JiWoo actually drank the entire soft drink mixed with vinegor in one shot.  She said, "I think I know what acting tastes like now."  Currently, screenplays are pouring on her.  So, she plans to choose her next work in the Korean film market.


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Great stuff Jake, tq!!


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I love jiwoo and I like  'President Who Plays The Piano'


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I want to see this flim. This character is lovely.


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i like she forever


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love you forever
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