Choi ji woo is getting into appointed limit of life of popular Korea star in China cultural area such as Taiwan and Hong Kong
That is newspaper of Taiwan and Hong Kong ' NEXT magazine "&" APPLE PAPER " in Korea come be going to .
Because favored star Choi ji woo to do interview
Interview is going to do in office of "SIDUS" that is Choi ji woo's managerment company November 7
Reason that Choi ji woo does interview with newspaper publishing company of Taiwan & Hong Kong is because she is becoming a favored star Taiwan & Hong Kong.
Choi ji woo had delightful time with Taiwan fan club members who come to Korea to see own not long ago.
Already, from last July through Taiwan's GTV, MBC 'New young noble' of Choi ji woo that popularity is on the increase when SBS "Beautiful Days" is aired is going to be aired in Taiwan through Taiwan's GTV too from November.
Therefore, popularity of her China cultural area may rise more

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