[Choi JiWoo transforms her acting style in 'Winter Love Song']

"Detached from the fragile and whimpering roles, I want to portray a lively character that more closely relates to my true self.”  Choi JiWoo, known for her fragile and innocent roles, transforms into a high-spirited girl.

In the KBS drama-series 'Winter Love Song'(director: Yun SukHo), which will air next year on Jan. 17, Choi JiWoo will greet the audience by starring as a woman who has experienced destiny-like first love, with Bae YongJun as co-star.

She has co-starred with Bae YongJun before, in the drama-series 'First Love', which made her name known.

'Winter Love Song’ is a story of one high school couple bounded by a destiny-like first love.
YuJin(Choi JiWoo) buries her first love in her heart following his death.  10 years pass, and just before her wedding ceremony, she meets MinHyung(Bae YongJun) who looks identical to her dead first love.  The story picks up from there on.

In real life, Choi JiWoo experienced her first love in College.

She says because she does not linger on past love, she would be calm if she sees her first love again.

But, because she thinks eternal love can be possible, once she meets someone she can devote her entire self to, she is able to get into YuJin’s role.

“I know well, to this day, that my performance lacks skill; to a point of being afraid of reruns.”  But because her goal is to present solid performances that the audience can relate to, she puts in tremendous effort.

“When I hear that I have improved over my last work, I feel proud of acting.  Should I say it’s like a feeling of my acting slowly maturing?”  Wanting to be able to digest different types of characters, she is eager for filming that transforms her into the spirited YuJin.

Before, she enjoyed the breaks that she got from production delays, but now she can’t sit still because she’s so anxious.  When asked what she does with the spare time, she said, “I like to stay up late at home listening to music and watching video,” and described herself as a homebody.

“Through this drama-series, I want to become an actor who can give trust to the audience.”  At the age of 27, she newly searches for her own color.  We look forward to see the canvas named Choi JiWoo to be colored with the name “Choi JiWoo, the Greatest Performer”.

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