{There were total of 5 parts to this article, but one part is not included here.  The missing one part is about skincare.}

Attraction 1- Doesn’t know what love is yet

JiWoo has lots of good luck with men.
In the drama ‘Beautiful Days’, she was loved simultaneously by handsome Lee ByungHun and Ryu ShiWon.  Again, this time, she receives love from both Bae YongJun and Park YongHa.
Because of that, she receives many women’s envy and jealousy.
In the current drama-series, she tries to accomplish eternal love by staying true to her first love….
By any chance, did Choi JiWoo ever have such involved love?

<JiWoo: Eternal love?  Well…I don’t linger on past love.
It’s probably because I never experienced real and true love.
It could be because I débuted early that I never had much chance to meet men.
If the one man I truthfully loved suddenly passed away, I would have hard time getting over him like YuJin is in the drama-series.
While filming this drama, I started wanting to fall in love very much.>

Attraction 2- Passionate and honest Choi JiWoo.  Such a woman

Currently a theater/performance major in HanYang University, she is considered one of the hard studying celebrities.  The first place she put her attention to when ‘Beautiful Days’ ended was school.  Now, she attends all of her courses everyday, and works harder than any other students on her reports.

Additionally, she is learning English.  As expected, her grades are quite high.
She received many scholarships as well.  And although she could be treated specially as a celebrity, she refused to accept such favors from the beginning.
She entered college much later than others.
But wanting to learn more as an actress, she puts special care for education.

<JiWoo: While off work, I only traveled between home and college.
A trip to Rome for a photo shoot, a CF (commercial), and other few small and big work was all.
Even if I want to travel around, since I have no sense of direction, I only travel to roads I already know.
Crossing over a bridge in ChumDahmDong near my house is a huge task for me.
So, my manager has hard time.
Because, when I drive a car somewhere and get lost, I have to call my manager and tell him where I am.
When I’m home, I usually watch video or knit something.>

Attraction 3- She is real faithful, and has a pretty heart.

Even for most men, lasting in the winter wilderness with just a jean and a t-shirt can be very harsh.  And traveling all locales from morning to past midnight, filming extensively unlike any other drama-series, demands multiple times more will power.
Last time, she already experienced one of the worst production schedules through ‘Beautiful Days’, but she still seems to be in good shape.
The only problem is that she has hard time withstanding the cold temperature, making her lower jaw shiver, messing up her lines (dialogues).  Her answer to the problem was a blanket.
Because of that, she received a nickname called, “blanket princess”.
When she found out that Bae YongJun had a bad cold, she voluntarily nursed him by taking off her blanket and handing it to him.  And midst of filming that makes everyone more tired each passing day, she cared for one of the younger crew members; eventually lending her hands to almost everyone working in ‘Winter Love Song’.

<JiWoo: Last time ByungHun got ill, and this time YongJun fell from exhaustion before I did as well.  As a girl, I should have elegantly fainted from illness before any of them, but the chance just isn’t coming.  [A laughter!]
5 years ago, I met YongJun, but I was a newbie, so I couldn’t even speak to him.
And back then, YongJun wasn’t much of a speaker, either.  But now, I’m comfortable (with him).
At first I keep my distance, but when they’re inside my parameter, I try to be nice to them.>

Attraction-5 As an actress, she continuously takes care of herself.

While resting, she went to college, took English lessons, and even advanced her computer skills.
She surfs the Internet and visits fan sites and leaves messages.
Some time ago, close fans she met in the Internet came to where she was filming and surprised her, making JiWoo wonder how they found out where she was.
She opened up the Christmas present the fans handed to her and found a necklace, hairpin, and some food to share with her filming crews among other items.  She got to brag about this to the people around her.
She said she felt the heart-warming love from her fans and showed a satisfied smile.

<JiWoo: While off work, six fans from Taiwan fan site came to Korea.
I heard that because of ‘Beautiful Days’ broadcasted in Taiwan, my fans started to grow.
With those friends (from Taiwan), we had meals together and visited the set of ‘Beautiful Days’, making it a pleasant time for me as well.
I am also keeping my dedication to work harder.
When this drama-series ends, I want to do a movie.
I hope it could be a more dynamic character.>

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