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"Well, here's the homework.  HwangJoGa hundred times.  I was up all night yesterday to do
At first it appears to be a scene about some Junior school student getting their homework
graded.  However, this is ChunWahDae(Korean Whitehouse).  And of course, the person
getting their homework checked is no other than the President of Korean Republic, MinWook.
As if to a student, the teacher checks the homework in detail, circling correct
answers and writing "You did a super job."  The president who did a super job sneaks in a
slight smile on his face.  But his assurance doesn't last long, and EunSoo's attack gets
directed to the President.
"One word was wrong, but I gave you a perfect score because of your hard work!"
President had been awarded for being a good writer once, and his honor has been
crumbled.  So he strengthens his stand and the argument between the president
and the teacher doesn't end.  Tired of MinWook's dispute, EunSoo releases her
unpredictable personality.
"What...I'm being hard-headed?  Then do you want to bet?"
Quivering for a moment, MinWook counters with a confident smile.
"I'm the president."
In the end, they bring in the General of Educational System...
And the argument ends with the Korean language teacher's absolute victory!

This scene was filmed in ShinLa Hotel, where the teacher of the president's wild
daughter meets the president not as the chief of command, but as student's parent.
MinWook's sufficient smile, directed at nervous EunSoo, is attractive.  However,
there is nervousness in the president's face as well, for his homework will soon be
graded.  Behind their silence, it feels as if the song, 'Love is a many splendid things'
will be played by the piano standing there.
Just by looking at this short scene, you can tell that this film starring Ahn SungKi and Choi
JiWoo will be a comic melodrama with many argumental incidents.  The two leading
actors seem ready to change their image and loosen themselves up.  Adding to such
things to look forward to, director Jhun MahnBae's screenplay and direction will showcase
his famed humor based on his successful comedy show writing skills...
The first film released from CineWorld, 'President Who Plays the Piano' is 60% done
with filming.  They will crank-up by August.  Asia's seal Jo OhRyun and movie star
Lee BumSoo will cameo as the President's running-mate.  Jokingly saying that this
movie will greatly affect this year's presidential election, it adds to our interest for
this film.

can't wait..!!! ^^
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