[Sports Today] Choi, JiWoo Jewelry Paper Advertisement

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[What Happened Today]

‘Would diamond shine more?  Or would my eyes shine?’

Today was a day Choi, JiWoo's pure image looked more special.  Choi, JiWoo, who recently became jewelry brand OLLO Classic's main model, will start shooting her paper advertisement starting 25th 10 AM at Ahp_Gu_Jung_Dong, Seoul inside ChungDham Studio.

The shooting for this paper advertisement, planned on producing total of 25 shots, will most likely last the entire day.  Each cut will include rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and others embedded with jewels.  On that day, there will be 150 kinds of gem stones present, worth over 30 million Won.  Choi, JiWoo commented, "Although I have wore famous jewelries on dramas as props, wearing this many different types of jewelries at once is a first."
She was already excited and tried hard to settle herself down.

She added, "I hope my beauty doesn't get pushed away by the jewelries’ brilliance..." and widely smiled.
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