‘Winter Love Song’ sad goodbye…Jjong Party sketch

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Jake (찬희)

<Winter Love Song> 4 major actors (from left) Park YongHa, Park SolMi, Choi JiWoo, Bae YongJun and director Yun SukHo PD.

The ending party of the much loved drama <Winter Love Song>, for its beautiful cinematography and heartbreaking love story, was held on 19th at YuhEuDo 63 Building Kosmos Hall.  On this day, KBS executive Park KawnSang, other KBS officials, Yun SukHo PD, <Winter Love Song> staff members, Bae YongJun, Choi JiWoo, Park YongHa, Park SolMi, Lee HaeEun, other actors, singer Lee JungHyun, Psy, and many others attended with YuYul as the speaker.  Director Yun SukHo commented, “I am thankful to the actors who hated me for making them work so hard.  All actors and staff members had a really hard time, so this drama is a very memorable one.”  Park DongAh, the owner of the production company Pan Entertainment that made <Winter Love Song>, said, “We have plans to make another drama coming autumn, and now I have the confidence to pass 70% of ratings,” and brought laughter to the attendees.  That day, <Winter Love Song> team watched the final episode together and saw the beauty of an ending.


2004.03.17 15:36:12

to all the actor's that made this drama so are all great and excellent....... and to the director who made this drama you are incredible...... to all of you ( bae yong jun, choi ji woo, park yong ha, park sol mi and others ) congratulations and more power!!!!
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