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Jake (찬희)
<Choi JiWoo is in a happy dilemma with movie choices>

<Which one should I do?  That’s right!  I’ve got to decide>

To decide within this month between ‘President Who Plays the Piano’, ‘Mong Jung Gi’, and ‘Lovers’.

“What do you do these days?”

“I’m picking a movie”

“Which one to watch?”

“No, which one to do.”

Choi JiWoo is concentrating on the right movie that will suit her best.
Past being the success ticket in the TV industry, she is dreaming to be the next big thing in film.

We thought Choi JiWoo would be taking the sweetest break after the mini-series ‘Winter Love Song’, but the reality isn’t that way.  Since she made so sure that her next work would be a movie, even while filming ‘Winter Love Song’, her break right now is even more important.

Currently, she already decided to film ‘Instinct Project’ (directed: Lee SongHee / produced: ProductionEra) on July.  However, she wishes to do another movie until then.  So, she is searching through more screenplays, and now she has to decide from 3 movies.

First movie is ‘President who plays the piano’, which will star Ahn SungKi.  The story is about a young president who adapts a daughter.  He later falls in love with his daughter’s teacher.  Choi JiWoo will star as the teacher.  It is likely that she will become the first lady.

The second movie is called Mong Jung Ki (director: Choi HwaJin / produced: Kang JaeGyu Film).
The film is a sexy comedy about some teenage boys’ sexual fantasy during puberty.
Choi JiWoo will play the role of the boys’ teacher, and will represent their sexual fantasy.

Third movie is a melodrama which involves a woman who has lost her light, but later finding the light again.
Titled, ‘Lovers’ (directed: Park DaeYoung / produced: Sidus), the movie is also known as a woman’s version of the movie ‘Scent of a Woman’.  Choi JiWoo will play a blind woman.

“I think I can do all three well, but I don’t why the works I like all come to me at the same time.
The characters in each movie are all different, but the common thing is that they are all different from my image.
I want to do all of them, but realistically speaking, I can’t.”  While speaking, she looked both overwhelmed and regretful about the choice she would have to make.

Choi JiWoo says she reads the new screenplays 3 to 4 times each day.
“First of all, there is a really good feeling.  No matter which work I choose, I think a good picture will come out.  Maybe that’s why I have more difficult in choosing.”  She expressed her happy dilemma.

The part that Choi JiWoo thinks most about is character.
She wants a character that she can best express, as well as best portrays herself.

All three movies will offer around 2 million wons.
However, Choi JiWoo says she doesn’t care much about that part.

“I will makeup my decision at least until the end of this month.
And I want another dream like ‘Winter Love Song’ to stay in my heart.”
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