Choi JiWoo, who carries out a storm of popularity along with Bae YongJun in ‘Winter Love Song’, is almost at a point of total exhaustion, making others around her grow sympathetic.

Although she has a rather respectable amount of work experience through dramas and movies, filming extremely with insufficient rest day and night, has brought her to a deadly fatigue.  But since her role is so crucial and large, it is preventing her from expressing her agony.  It is also because as much as she is restless, the viewer’s reaction is as hot and intense.

Her image of withstanding it all almost every day with just grit, affected her manager.  “Because she feels so tired, I can’t dare ask about scheduling for CF or other broadcast appearances.”  “Popularity is good, but health should always come first…,” said the manager with an anxious expression, kicking his tongue inside his mouth.
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