It has been reported by the numerous newspapers and broadcasting news that " the Winter sonanta(Japanses title) has earned an outdtanding response in Japan.

The Winter Sonata has been broadcasted since this April thru. NHK satellite cabe(BS2). It was a fresh attack to the Japanese soap fans that had been getting tired of seeing same typical Japanese soaps dealing with usual comics and mystery issues. The fans of the Winter Sonanta increases daily and their demands on relating publications become extremely high day by day, They also reported that the response inquiring about this drama has reached more than 6000 in a day and it still goes up daily.

Yomiuri News also reports that for the unexpected demand from the public on this Winter Sonata, it is now apparent that all the publications including booklets, magazines, books, VHS tapes and DVDs have to readjust an amount of orders. It says they will have to face the significant increase in order to meet the demand regarding the Winter Sonata publications.

All these makes a clear evidence that The Winter Sonata again called a success in Japan this time.



2007.07.01 05:11:55

I admire you as an actress . An admirer of yours from Paris
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