2003.11.19.Wed. 17:21
The World Financial release.

SBS, a korean leading broadcasting company will strat a new weekly soap series "The stairs of Heaven" with starring CHOI JIWOO, SHIN HYUNJOON and KWON SANGWOO.(Written by PARK HYEKYOUNG and produced by LEE JANGSOO) on Dec. 03/03.

The producer of this series is well-known by his previous works including the multiple awards-won series, "beautiful days" and he is PD LEE JANGSOO. He puts four different faces of love into the intermingled relationship in four people in 20 series of drama. This will be his second series in a row to the current WED/THR soaps, "HIT IT".

There is an additional reason for this series attracts countless media attention and that is the starring is exceptional with three big celebrities(CHOI JIWOO, SHIN HYUNJOON and KWON SANGWOO) in one series.

For SHIN, it is his first appearance after 5 years of silence. His last drama was " Love You, Love you" in 1995. For CHOI JIWOO, it has been 2 years since the last world-rocking series, "the Winter Serenadde".Lastly for KWON, it has been a year since last series,"into the Sun".

Speaking of this series, "the stairs of Heaven", the main theme of this drama is a love story in very unusual circumstances.


2004.02.08 02:27:22

ji woo is really exceptional.. she's simply the best!


2004.02.14 16:48:02

She is so simply,then make me can't control myself at all
She is the angel who comes from the God


2004.06.01 13:23:02

ji woo is angle from heaven. makes my day each time i see her on tv or website. u go girl.


2004.07.16 14:56:22

Hello!Nice to meet you!
I'm from China.My name is "Xiao Xiaozhu".I love JIWOO^_^!!
Bye Bye!*_*


2004.08.30 10:57:13

please give the 2004 news in english for those of us that do not understand Korean - thank you - Audie


2004.09.28 23:22:49

Jiwoo is my most favourite Korean actress. She looks like an angel! I want to know more about her in English news, especially,2004 English news. Sometimes, I wonder why she does not come to Vietnam_ a country where she has lots of fans. I hope to meet her and tell her that she is a wonderful woman!!!


2005.03.29 19:36:14

ok!!!!!!!!!!!ji woo very good!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love you!!!!!!!!!!!


2005.07.10 16:32:26

Choijiwoo is very beautiful . I want to see u here.....I love u

jean rose

2005.08.30 20:46:15

hi Choijiwoo like them i also like u hi im from phillipines luv uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu muah

Wesley Loh

2005.09.09 00:22:48

hie Choi Ji-woo...ur my fav actor ever~ wish u wud come 2 Malaysia~ :'( ...anywayz LuV Ya So MuCh*! Take Care~!!


2005.10.24 12:08:17

Hi! I'm from malaysia..Luv ur drama series Winter Sonata very much.. so touching till make me cry..I'll like ur character in WS...Bye!!!


2006.07.13 17:29:56

i love u choi jiwoo very much

i fanclub you

take care

thuy vi

2006.12.05 19:41:07

I& my sisters like you very much. I knew Jiwoo since I saw "Lucky Prince", I see you very beautiful!I'm from Viet Nam.My Enghish isn't good.I'm very look forward you to visiting Viet Nam.


2007.01.26 20:10:26

u're gorgeous jiwoo...i love to watch ur face..really sweet + amazing...when will u come to malaysia?..u have a lots of fans here!!!love 2 see u in winter sonata,stairway to heaven,now and forever n so on...


2007.01.27 17:00:11

ur a great actress, and i love you for that.... and your so kind, why? co'z i read an article on the internet your always helping other's even though your so busy. i hope you colud go to phils. when your crying its natural, and your so beautiful and talented. i hope bae yong joon and you could do another drama series again or movie together...... i love you both!!!! and also kwon sang woo, i hope one of them could be your oppa!!!!!!


2007.02.13 21:33:50

I love you choi ji woo belive me I live in kurdistan iraq I love drama winter sonata


2007.07.13 19:59:43

hi! jiwoo. I am a vietnamese girl. I love you . I hope you allways happy, and I want to talk to you
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