Choi Jiwoo on CF for the PAROMA furniture

The Korean popular actress Choi Jiwoo has appeared on the CF for the Paroma Furniture company and made a good change on the image of the company.

It was Miss. Song, Yoon-A that had been a contract model for the company but this time the company wanted to chage the image of the company. They said it was too obvious to choose Miss. Choi Jiwoo for their desired image of the company; Freshness and Brightness. They also said it was her innocent image that finalized their decision. They added later there is no doubt that they made a right choice.

Also, they explained for the change of the furniture maket trends swinging from the classy furniture to the modernish furniture, it was well reflected by the Jiwoo's untouchable image.

The paper also reports that this commercial has already gained public awareness so much that even the background music has also gained its own popularity.

They finished the report with the fact that all the staffs and crews there were very impressed with her acting on conductng the orchestra giving herself 100% to make it more successful.

Reporter: Huh, Yeon Hoi(okidoki@herald.com)
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