The First time, KWON SANGWOO and CHOI JIWOO in One Drama !

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Top Actor in Korea, KWON SNAGWOO and
The beauty star JIWOO CHOI appear in the drama
together for the first time !

The main actor in successful Korean movie " The Same Aged Tutor", Kwon SangWoo has now made a final decision to be on the crew for a new drama 'the stais tro heaven' with Choi Jiwoo. He was casted as the 2nd generation of the rich family. He completed the series of drama "into the sun" in March so it has been 6 month to come back on the screen.

The production team came up with a strategy that will have major top two stars in the cast to make it attractive to public. The team actually had made a contact to JIWOO CHOI firstly to make sure casting is favorableat the beginning. It was thier final efforst to find an appropriate actor to match her standard. As they were searching for the perfect one, they realized it is KWON SNAGWOO who is getting the most attentions in film industry as well as in drama industry in these days that is a perfect role for this drama. He is now making a final effort on finishing shooting on the Korea movie as it approaches compeletion of production.

Chun Young Hwa  
SPORTS TODAY 2003/09/15


2004.04.18 10:21:47

Do you think the thai fans will have the opportunity to view this ?


2004.07.06 07:57:25

Please feature more tv dramas for Kang Sang Woo and Choi Ji woo together.They are the best in acting.Their kissing scene in the
Stairway to Heaven is very natural and gentle.It was done professionally and I applaud them both for that bec.I know korean
dramas usually don't have kissing scene-it's only by imagination by the viewers.And I hope their romance from Stairway to Heaven
will continue in real life.


2004.07.06 07:59:13

Stairway to heaven's Kwon Sang Woo and Choi Ji Woo's acting are superb and winners in all categories.They look good with each other and I hope they will have more projects made for them.I have been watching Choi Ji Woo's tv dramas for a long time
and I am so impressed with her acting ability.I know korean drama's do not usually show kissing of the two leading characters
but with the Stairway to Heaven-that alone made the show more
romantic especially if the story line calls for it.Hooray to Kwon Sang Woo and Choi Ji Woo.Both of your acting are natural and I hope you will win the Best actor & actress award in Tv series this year.I will be looking forward to see you both again in a good
love story tv drama shows.


2004.11.04 22:43:38

conragulation, fantastic; my family love the drama series.We hope both
of u'll win the best actor and actress.


2005.02.03 17:15:09

I love this drama because it makes me feel relaxed.Miss JI WOO is indeed a talented actress.But what seems to disturbed me is the sad ending.Why are the regretful Han Yuri gets only behind bars?Why not she follow her brother's suicide?


2005.04.14 15:18:06

Im still hoping to see more of choi ji woo & kwon sang woo team up together,they are really awesome couple to watch...wishing too that they will both end up together in real life & not only in the film or drama they'r doing...


2005.05.11 16:56:31

i love stairways to heaven,it made all of us cry.... i hope to see more of kwon sang woo and choi ji-woo together....i also hope they can both visit the Philippines as soon as possible.


2005.08.04 02:22:56

i love so much you and BYJ...hope you all together again


2005.08.16 02:52:04

I love stairways to heaven because the movie was so really and full of emotions. The movie made me always cry. I hope to see more movies of kwon sang woo and choi ji woo together. And I hope their love will be really.


2005.08.18 17:23:50



2005.08.18 17:28:16


This show is so beautiful and wonderful because it was release in GMA7 kapuso Philippines, Choi Ji-woo was so good in acting her part in this show, me and my cousin almost cried because it was so drama, I hope that many more shows will be released about drama and Choi Ji-woo ang Kwon Sangwoo are the main characters.....

We will always support you Choi Ji-woo and Kwon Sangwoo.....

joy & kim

2005.09.09 20:11:34

i luv,what shampoo u r ucng while havng ur koreanovela "the 101st proposal"??


2005.12.05 18:34:38

what a beautiful drama!!! i watch that series on and on and never get bored at all.. i am waiting the appearance of u both in another series or movie. luv u.


2005.12.21 07:08:38

I love STairways to Heaven!! i love sangwoo and Chio Ji Woo ...<3333


2006.08.23 18:29:45



2006.09.12 20:16:56

I have watching stairways to heaven many times, Kwon Sang Woo and Choi Ji Woo are good couple. And I hope Their romance will continue in real life. I love both of you

thanh mai

2007.02.22 20:19:49

i love you choi ji woo and kwon sang woo

thanh mai

2007.02.22 20:20:53

sang woo uppa!
i love you 4ever

thanh mai

2007.02.22 20:23:14

minh la nguoi viet nam
ai muon lam wen voi minh thi lien lac qua e_ mail:
nick cua minh; stair_to_heaven_kwonsangwoo_ub30
mong dc lam wen voi cac ban ham mo " stairway to heaven" nha
than ai mong tin cua cac ban


2007.03.12 08:32:46

hola ji woo y sang woo asen buena pareja q lindos se ven
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