Bae YongJun-Choi JiWoo, lovers in real life as well?!!

조회 수 16863 2002.02.22 16:09:18
Main actors Bae YongJun and Choi JiWoo of the hit drama-series <Winter Love Song> has been voted the best couple in TV, and also in real life.

Choi, JiWoo and Bae YongJun couple has been ranked number one in a poll that asked, “Which drama couple will make great lovers even in real life?”  The main characters in the explosively popular mini-series <Winter Love Song> easily beat all other popular TV couples.  Commercial Specialist Internet Station ( started the poll on 2-5 and ended it on 2-14.  Out of 2830 votes, 470(31.80%) were voted for <Winter Love Song> starring Choi JiWoo and Bae YongJun.  With more and more attention growing on how their love will end, Internet users responded by considering them the most beautiful couple.
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