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ChungWahDae Love Affair

“I definitely did my homework yesterday.  It is not a lie.  And I redid this one.  Please take back saying that it is a lie.”  Although Ahn, SungKi is astonished, somehow he’s voice sounds comical.  With the director’s “cut”, laughter spreads from the staff members’ mouth.

Past July 15th afternoon at Seoul ShinRah Hotel, laughter never left the filming location where the atmosphere remained friendly.  “President Who Plays the Piano” is about a troublemaking girl and her teacher, EunSoo(Choi, JiWoo) and the father of the girl who is the President of Korea, MinWook(Ahn, SungKi).  As a traditional romantic comedy, it seemed the filming progressed with smiles on from the director to actors.

The day’s filming is a scene of EunSoo and MinWook’s first meeting at ChungWahDae OhChanShil.  For his daughter, YoungHee’s absence in class, the teacher punishes the president to write “HwangJoGah” a 100 times.  MinWook does the homework, but accidentally drowns the paper in to the Han River.  He does the homework again and shows it to the teacher.  Although Ahn is a national actor, he hasn’t done a comic character for a while, his last being “Bedroom and Courtroom”.  Hence, he seemed nervous, as much as Choi, JiWoo was for she hasn’t done a movie since she worked together with Ahn in “Nowhere to Hide”.  Whenever she had time, she read her screenplay biting her lips.

EunSoo is nervous, because she doesn’t know why the president called for her.  Maybe Choi, JiWoo’s inside feeling was also as anxious, for she has finally returned to movie.

Ahn, SungKi will play a leading role again, since ”Kilimanjaro”.  Perhaps because of his recent Lasic surgery, his kind eyes look especially clear.  “Because I have to play the theme song of “MoJung” on the piano at the last part, I’m worried.”  Still, his eyes looked as clear even with his concerned attitude.

This movie will be director Juhn, ManBae’s debut work, who has written for numerous comedy show programs such as “Sunday Night March” and other works like “General Hospital of Love”, having started his career as a professional writer.  It is fun, but he steadily filmed the movie, finishing up to 60%.  On mid August, “President Who Plays the Piano” will crank-up, preparing to release late this year.
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