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Beauty actress Choi, JiWoo(27) has been cast as June, a lead role in the Hong Kong movie ‘Ageing Youth’.

Choi, JiWoo will leave on the 10th to Hong Kong to start filming until end of next month.  This will be the second time that a Korean actor stars as a leading role in a Hong Kong film.  Song, SuengHun was the first for his movie ‘Virtual Weapon’.  Although Song has been cast with as much attention as the 3 other female actresses in that movie, Choi, JiWoo will be the clear lead in hers.  From the total number of scenes of 120, hers will be 96, carrying the storyline.

Director Lee, InHang is a star film maker famous for his films starring Leslie Cheng and Jet Li’s ‘The Black Mask’.  The director is not foreign to Korean audience.  Executive production will be done by Jacky Chan’s JC production, and American and Hong Kong release will be done by Columbia Tristar.  The movie will be released next year January in US and Hong Kong simultaneously, and it will premiere a month later in Korea.

Her opposite role will be newcomer Edissen Chen(22-Wang, YukGhaeng), who has risen on top as a singer and movie star.  His role will be ‘K’, the son of a once brilliant kick boxer who died during a match.  Shocked by his father’s death, he quits kickboxing and wonders about as a college student.

Born between her Chinese father and American mother, June(Choi, JiWoo) comes back from her study in US and works as a Astronomy professor in a Hong Kong university.  She becomes attracted to her student K’s intense eyes and falls in a new love with him.  K also deeply falls for June’s foreign exotic image.

However, June is a married woman, who has a husband running a business in US.  Struggling between two loves, June looks at the stars as would an astronomy professor and learns that her love with K is not right, eventually leaving K.  K also learns many things from June and especially opens up a new perspective on his life.  He keeps his love with June dearly inside his heart and shuts the books to become a kick boxing champion his father never got to finish dreaming.
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