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Choi, JiWoo "Skin Beauty is Happy"

To visit Nivea Headquarter in Germany

Top star Choi, JiWoo(27) will visit Hembruk?, Germany.

On October, casted as their main model, Choi, JiWoo will visit Nivea Headquarter in Hembruk, Germany for its national launch of their new brand 'Visagi'.

Contracted for 1 year, 300 million won, she has already finished shooting the CF on 23rd in Kyung-Ki, as a 'leisurely independent woman in her 20's.

'Cleanliness' being their motto, Nivea noted 'from the research result, we found Choi, JiWoo is the celebrity with the most clean skin.'  They added, "This is our first time ever casting a top celebrity as our company's model world wide.“

Presently, Choi, JiWoo is filming 'President Who Plays the Piano' with Ahn, SungKi. She reacted, "I am happy for being chosen as what all women wish for, skin beauty."
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