CJW transforms to 'yuppki' teacher...

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Jake (찬희)
"Me? I'm a scary girl."

Recently finished with filming her comic-melo movie <President Who Plays the Piano>(Director Juhn, ManBae-Produced CineWal), Choi, JiWoo will showcase a new breakthrough image.

Choi, JiWoo's role is a 'yuppki' female teacher, EunSoo, who's over-confident personality gets her into troublesome situations.  Her 'yuppkiness' is easily revealed by her teaching history; having to move from school to school, kicked out for rousing problems.

On the first day of teaching her class, she even dresses up as a student, just to see what kind of kids she has to teach.

It's a difficult image to imagine considering her signature image is that of being pretty and innocent.  However, Choi, JiWoo, after cutting her hair short even, has transformed into a presumtuous woman.

Like her newly attempted character in this film, even scolding at the president, her acting performance was as much of a breakthrough, leaving her previous self behind.

To be released on December, <President Who Plays the Piano> is her returning film since '99 <Nowhere to Hide>.  Her following work is her recently contracted Hong Kong film for 300 million wons <Ageing Youth>.

Tan Li Li

2003.02.25 19:16:23

Can't wait to see your new acting role!!!
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