Choi, JiWoo...To Love For?

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Choi, JiWoo...To Love For?

Korean cinema is surprised by Choi, JiWoo's change of acting style.
In her recently released movie [President Who Plays The Piano](director Jun, ManBae), she showcased an upgraded, mature acting, succeeding in taking over the big screens as well as household broadcasts.

The president in this movie lives with his daughter after his wife passes away, investigating and experiencing citizen's life by pretending to be a homeless and a taxi driver.  Because of his trouble making daughter, he ends up doing her homework as a punishment from his daughter's teacher, Choi, JiWoo, who the president later falls in love with.  This romantic comedy film has Korean film makers and other movie related persons shedding tears and laughs, while praising the national actor Ahn, SungKi and queen of tears Choi, JiWoo in their harmonious match.

This is the second (correction: third) meeting of Ahn, SungKi and Choi, JiWoo in movies, [Nowhere to Hide] being their last one as the killer and the killer's lover.  In the new film, they act as lovers again, but this time as the president and a teacher.  Because of their past experience together, they said working together was much more comfortable and easy.

Choi, JiWoo, who has male fans chasing after her with every drama she does, said she wanted to change her image from her previous melodramas.

In the drama [Winter Sonata][First Love] with Bae, YongJun, [Beautiful Days] with Lee, ByungHun, and [Truth] with Ryu, ShiWon, Choi, JiWoo had to play a role of a crying woman portraying difficult and painful loves.  So, she wanted to show a bright character at least in the film, since her image began to get fixed as a melodrama star.

Because she was so into the character of EunSoo and her image in [President Who Plays The Piano], she is worried that only comical movies will be proposed to her.  So, for now, she want to do CFs, manage her Taiwan fanclub, appear on TV shows, and just live the life she had to put asside because of this movie.

source: 연예정보신문 제 531호


2002.12.10 21:23:25

how i m dying to watch PWPTP now....

Akira Takako

2002.12.10 23:51:49

is [President plays the piano] a movie or a drama? *^^* kindly please anyone tell me?


2002.12.11 15:49:33

Hi Akira, it is a movie.

Akira Takako

2002.12.11 18:31:08

oh thanks.... *^^* cuz i thought it looked a drama to me... hmm.... when will it be released in Malaysia? or in Korea?


2002.12.18 17:30:17

the movie already released in Korea... it was 2nd at the box office on the first week... Now on 2nd week, it is placed 4th... with Harry Potter ranked #1, two Korean movies placing 2nd and 3rd...

Tan Li Li

2003.02.25 19:29:11

Just saw the intro for this movie in i magazine. Hope can watch it in Singapore soon


2004.05.31 21:25:43

love choi ji woo and bye young gun


2007.01.29 15:07:52

yah. me too i love choi ji woo & bae yong joon
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