Choi, JiWoo sexy and Song, YunHa Dandy

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Jake (찬희)

‘Choi, JiWoo sexy and Song, YunHa Dandy.’

Top talents Choi, JiWoo and Song, YunHa receieved the '2002 Best Dresser Swan Award' on 5th, and showcased two different fashions during the award ceremony.

Lasting 2 hours starting at 8 in Seoul, NamSan Hayatte Hotel, Grand Ball Room, the award and fashion show was held.  Choi, JiWoo wore a deeply carved chest revealing dress, while Song, YunHa wore a clean dress pants suit.

Especially, Choi, JiWoo gave a point to her look with red lipsticks, unlike her reserved look in 'Winter Sonata' and 'President Who Plays The Piano'.

Choi, JiWoo was awarded for TV talent category, while Song, YunHa won for movies.

Jennifer O

2002.12.14 00:32:37

JiWoo looks very beautiful, especially so in long hair!

Tan Li Li

2003.02.25 19:30:44

She is always so beautiful regardless in short or long hair


2003.04.22 23:38:59

WOW! She is very sexy.


2003.05.20 15:06:20

Ji Woo looks charm,ellegant,chic in most of her films


2003.12.04 08:54:23

jiwoo looks very beautiful in any hairstlye she go's... but i prefer the long hair stlye for her.... i love jiwoo very much... she so pretty and charming..


2004.03.09 20:00:07

She gives justice to any rople she plays, proving her versatility as an actress. She dresses herself in such a conservative way, while making sure that being trendy and fashionable is not compromised. Personally, I get involve in the way she portrays drama scenes because she internalizes the feeling of being lonely, sad, happy,etc. She's one of the few actresses that could really turn people cry. Seriously speaking, she's my favorite korean actress, though not being kkorean myself. Infact, i am a Filipino.


2004.03.17 13:01:55

ji woo, is so pretty in all types of hair, especially when she smiles, but i like her most when hair is long coz her feminine side is coming out. i like her charater when she did the winter love song, when she's with BYJ as joon sang. i seldom see a korean drama & actress. coz im filipino - they just aired the WLS - just this dec. in NHK cable


2004.07.31 12:52:13

I want Choi Ji Woo love Bae Yong Joon


2004.07.31 12:53:57

I want Bae Love Ji Woo

Sa Rang

2004.07.31 12:56:06

I hate who speak bad to Choi Ji Woo


2004.09.11 15:45:26

she's so pretty! I hope she and bae yong jun are the most suitable couple in the world


2004.11.06 16:50:26

jiwoo さん俺は香港人ですね 君は大好きね 
you evening i care and support you are beautiful


2005.02.19 11:57:04

i want to puture choi ji woo


2005.02.19 12:07:33

i like choi ji woo


2005.04.11 20:43:15

i really love pretty ji woo she is the only actress that made me really cry and be touched on every scene that she do n a tv series im a filipina but i love pretty ji woo more than other actresses here n philippines choi ji woo really rulzzz she is the greatest actress ive ever knew!!!


2005.05.31 13:06:09

I want ji woo can marry with bae yong jun!^_^


2005.05.31 13:10:39

I love ji woo so much! I also hope Bae and JIWOO have a nice day on anytimes.


2005.06.07 23:23:47

I want JIWOOhime princess to reveal who between BYJ & KSW can capture her heart.For her coming birthday i really like to know whether BYJ or KSW have a space in her heart?or who among d 2 great guys i mention will win her affection hehehe....


2005.07.15 15:33:07

ilove jw vm hope jiwoo love lbh


2005.07.21 17:32:17

i love you ji woo you'so beatiful
i love all you're drama's


2005.08.16 02:56:06

I love ji woo . Shes the only actress that made me cry. Kwon sang woo he is a perfect guy. He knows how to treat womean.


2005.09.01 21:26:49

carved chest revealling dress?
w0w sexy baby!

all dress has a perfect fit to you JIWOO!

remember im your VERY # 1 fan !in the whole wide world!

GUdluck! SIstah! BUNNY!


2006.07.18 00:44:43

hi jiwoo you are best actor in world i love you and i love winter sonata for ever
(in kurdistan)


2006.08.23 18:36:45

i want see her always smile with lee byung hun.i like her with this actor,lee byung hun in beutiful iproud of you.i come from malaysia


2007.03.22 15:00:56

Ji Woo, you're beauty is timeless. Love you then love you now. You're the greatest Korean actress. I watched all your dramas & movies available to me. I hope you find your perfect soul mate. God bless you always.


2007.03.22 15:03:17

Ji Woo, your beauty is timeless. Love you then love you now. You're the greatest Korean actress. I watched all your dramas & movies available to me. I hope you find your perfect soul mate. God bless you always.


2007.05.24 23:29:18

I don't love choi ji woo if you sexy
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