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[MK Café] Choi JiWoo in director Yun SukHo’s perspective.

‘Winter Love Song’ director Yun SukHo didn’t hesitate when he chose Choi JiWoo as the MVP of ‘Winter Love Song’.

“It was the first time I worked with her, so I worried somewhat whether she could perform the kind of acting I wanted.  However, when we actually started filming, I realized I worried for nothing.  I strongly believe that Choi JiWoo was the greatest factor in making Winter Love Song so popular."

“Choi JiWoo’s acting really impressed me, especially during the scene in an earlier episode, when Choi JiWoo was alone with MinHyung in the ski-resort.”

“There was a scene when YuJin(Choi JiWoo) asked MinHyung, ‘By any chance, did you graduate from Choon_Chun high school?’.  It was a difficult part where she had to express coldness and then slowly become emotional.  But she shot that in just one take, without any NG.  It was a moment that gave me trust in her.”

Director Yun says not only acting, but her personality is great as well.

Yun PD is known for not casting anyone he can’t work with.  It’s true that Choi JiWoo left a special impression on him.

“Above all, her personality is very good.

She lets others take her filming schedule when they can’t make it for theirs.  She helps the opposite actor concentrate when acting an emotional scene.  She is friendly not only with the actors, but with the whole staff members.

Sometimes, she is also like a lively little girl.”

[MK Café] ‘Winter Love Song’ heroine Choi JiWoo

“Run, run!” When director Yun’s scream spreads among the staff members, as if they were waiting, they immediately run and get ready for filming.
Soon after, quietness flows, and JunSang(Bae YongJun) and YuJin(Choi JiWoo) stand facing eachother.
Slowly their lips get closer…..

■ “Because of the fans, exhaustion was forgotten.”  Decorating the last scene of ‘Winter Love Song’ with a kiss with Bae YongJun, the heroine Choi JiWoo(28) felt the love from her fans as much as the drama was popular.  Her popularity influenced the fans fashion style as well, creating a new trend.

From her hairstyle and necklace to even her pronunciation, everything about her became a huge interest.

“Almost 10 years since debut, I contemplated what would give me a definite change.  I myself wanted to change my style, and since I played a high school student in the drama, I thought why not cut my hair to differentiate the older YuJin.  I didn’t know, but people around me said the new hairstyle looked good on me. (laughter)”  Her trademark image of an innocent girl with a long, straight hair was pushed aside.  Seeing her new image gave the viewers a fresh enjoyment.

However, there were also upsetting incidents.

‘SanHyuk(SangHyuk)’ ‘DunSang(JunSang)’…  There were jokes made about her pronunciation of those names, making her feel uncomfortable.  “At first, it bothered me a lot.  Because of that, I put too much attention on pronunciation, making it harder to concentrate on the overall acting.  Later, I just thought of it as the viewer’s interest on the drama and I, and decided to think of it comfortably.”  You can tell that she is now an experienced and mature actress, who can perceive the viewer’s harsh jokes as another expression of love.

“Yong_Pyung and Choon_Chun, for example, were extremely cold locations, so it was often very tiring to film.  But, because of the fans, exhaustion was forgotten.  I was really thankful for the fans who came to the filming location and gave out teas and dduk(Korean rice cake morsels).”

■With a heart as beautiful as her appearance, last winter had a special meaning for Choi JiWoo, not just because of ‘Winter Love Song’.

One of the reason- One and only brother and sister-in-law gave birth to a pretty daughter, and so Choi JiWoo finally got to be called an aunt.
“While filming last episodes of Winter Love Song, I heard that my niece was born.  Because of filming, I couldn’t go right away, but I was so overjoyed.  I couldn’t believe I became an aunt…”  After ‘Winter Love Song’, she spent her time with her family in Pu_San, and celebrated her niece’s birth.

Last year in December, with her close celebrity friends Yu HoJung, Shin AeRa, Oh HyunSoo, and Lee HaeYoung, Choi JiWoo opened up a ba_ja_hwae(Korean fund-raising event where food and other items are sold) for children with cancer.

“We didn’t want our intentions to be perceived wrongly, so we didn’t tell the media about it.  We tried our best to pour our hearts into the effort, so that we may become some help to the children.  It was truly a meaningful event.”  With her friends, Choi JiWoo donated the raised money to the children cancer association.

That may be the reason why it doesn’t feel awkward when people around her say she has a heart as beautiful as her appearance.

■Tough woman.  Wanting to play a lively and flamboyant role, her sweet rest after ‘Winter Love Song’ is brief.  Choi JiWoo has to choose between three movies by the end of this month, having to play a role of a whole new identity.  Also, coming 22nd, she has to walk the stage at the Andre Kim’s fashion show opening at the opera house in Sydney, Australia.

As always, there is a different kind of enjoyment in fashion shows compared with acting.

“First of all, it’s a great enjoyment to be able to wear Andre Kim’s stunning clothes, and above all, I like the fact that there exists this excitement of being able to see the audience’s reaction right there and then.”  Speaking of a different field of work such as fashion, another field came to mind and became a new subject of interest.

You’ve starred in many music videos before.  How about becoming a singer?
“A singer?  That’s nonsense.  If I could sing, I would have already released an album.  Honestly, I wanted to do a musical if my singing and dancing ability supported me. (laughter)”  When asked about her future plans, she became more serious.

“I don’t have much greed as an actress.  It is impossible to be called a true actor overnight.  I just want to hear that my acting has improved over my previous work.  And I have to do some roles that I haven’t done, yet.  I want to act out a role of a harsh and lively girl.”

[MK Café] Choi JiWoo, She is…

Choi JiWoo was born on 1975, June 11, in Pa_Ju.
Standing 174cm with a slim figure, her metropolitan image is attractive.
On 1994, she passed the 23rd MBC talent audition as the youngest contestant.

Debuting in the 1995 drama ‘War and Love’, she slowly became known through the movie ‘Park BongGun’s Runaway Incident’.

The drama with Bae YongJun, ‘First Love’(1997), became her first successful work.  Since then, she starred in dramas such as ‘Happiness is in Our Heart’ and ‘Love’, becoming a hit maker.

With the movie ‘Olgami’ (The String Trap) (1998), she opened up a new path in acting, showing that her innocent image wasn’t the only one.

With that movie, she was awarded best new actress in BaekSang Arts Award, and was recognized for her acting ability.

Last year, with the drama ‘Mr. Duke’, she received the 2nd highest actress award in MBC Acting Award.  And this year, in the biggest hit drama early this year, ‘Winter Love Song’, she starred with Bae YongJun, again in 5 years, showing off their compatibility.

After Pu_San Duk_Moon Female High School and Pu_San Yuh_Juhn University, she is currently admitted to Han_Yang University majoring in Theater and Film.
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