‘Andre Kim Sydney Fashion Show’ Huge Success

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Jake (찬희)
Andre Kim’s creative feel for fashion shone again in the Sydney opera house stage.

On 8 pm, 22nd (Korean time), Andre Kim fashion show was held in the main concert hall of Sydney, Australia’s famed opera house.  The show was dedicated for the success of ‘2002 Korea-Japan World Cup’.  Going on for two hours, the fashion show captivated the 2700 audience with its distinctive mystical sensation.  Totaling 160 sets of next year’s spring and summer clothes, the highlight of the show was the ‘seven layered dress’, which best expressed Andre Kim’s unique style.  East’s legendary mystery and depth, and soulfulness and yearning of the Korean women, were directly delivered to the Australian spectator, generating their praise.

Specially, top stars Bae YongJun and Choi JiWoo of the TV drama ‘Winter Love Song’, shone the stage as the main models.

As if continuing their unfinished love from the drama, Choi JiWoo in purple dress and Bae YongJun in white dress shirt, held each other lightly with a bouquet between them.  That scene was emotional enough to make some think that the rumor of their relationship was true.

Since Sydney opera house’s opening in 1973, Andre Kim is the first designer to open a fashion show there.  He commented, “I am very happy that I was able to hold the fashion show in Sydney’s famed opera house for the publicity of 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup and its success.”

Despite the pouring rain and bad weather, many Australian politic, fashion related persons and on location Korean residents fully filled up the seats.
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