Lead role in ‘President Who Plays the Piano’

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Choi JiWoo ‘President Who Plays the Piano’ lead role…With Ahn SungKi

‘Winter Love Song’ heroine Choi JiWoo will go back to the big screen.  Next month, Choi JiWoo will start filming a romantic comedy movie ‘President Who Plays the Piano’ (Jun ManBae director-CineWorld Production).  She will play her lead role as ‘EunSoo’, unfolding a love story with a veteran national actor Ahn SungKi.

‘President Who Plays the Piano’ was a hot topic when it started, because Korean culture still considers portraying the president as taboo.  It’s a story about a single president who falls in love with his adapted daughter’s teacher.  It will partly be similar to ‘President’s Girlfriend’ and ‘Pretty Woman’ put together, but they say it will be a more fresh and exciting love story.

Unlike the Choi JiWoo we know from TV dramas, her role in the movie is strongly assertive and confident.  It’s also interesting that in the movie, she approaches Ahn SungKi first.  In most of her dramas, handsome guys liked her first.

Choi JiWoo’s last appearance on the big screen was in 1999 with ‘Nowhere to Hide’.  In 1996, she starred in the movie ‘Park BongKohn Runaway Incident’, and later starred in ‘Olgami’(The String Trap), ‘First Kiss’.  Although she starred in 5 films (one as a cameo in the movie hallelujah), she didn’t leave a deep enough an impression in the movie industry, so this time, she is strengthening her will to become a movie star.

“I’m excited, because it’s been awhile since we shared a fun love,” said Choi JiWoo, “This is the 3rd movie with senior Ahn SungKi, so I think we’ll be able to fall in love in a comfortable environment,” and gave a bright laughter.

Meanwhile, this movie is trying to film in the Chun_Wah_Dae (presidential building) for the first time, to make the movie seem more realistic, making this movie a hotter topic.  ‘President Who Plays the Piano’ is planned to premiere on October.

Andy xee

2004.06.07 04:14:57

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