BYJ-CJW ‘Pink Rumor’…This time ‘CF Love Song’?..

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Bae YongJun-Choi JiWoo ‘Pink Rumor’…This time ‘CF Love Song’?
2001-05-13 22:30

Once surrounded with their love scandal, Bae YongJun and Choi JiWoo will
flower their love online.

Choi JiWoo, on the 13th, signed a contract with JM Global for an oxygen
water purifier.  The condition of the contract was 200 million won for 6 months
of product modeling.  JM Global already has Bae YongJun as their CF model.
Receiving great advertisement effect with Bae YongJun, JM Global persistently
requested Choi JiWoo to be in their CF.  It’s JM Global’s wish to unleash an
offensive marketing strategy by packaging Bae YongJun and Choi JiWoo as a
couple, since their relationship is already a hot issue.

JM Global personals say the CF will be about two lovers spending times of

The two stars that hotly heated up the offline scene will create love online.
The coming CF will be their first appearance together after the Sydney fashion
show, and everyone’s eyes are beginning to tilt their way.  Also, there is more
attention gathering, because Bae YongJun previously revealed his interest
towards Choi JiWoo by saying, “I want to resolve my curiosity” on the internet.
Because of their decision to star in the same CF, the two actors, who are
thorough about managing their image, are gaining suspicion, making many
conclude, ‘isn’t it because they have good feelings for each other?’.

Meanwhile, Choi JiWoo recently signed up for many CF, proving her popularity
from KBS TV ‘Winter Love Song’ is still strong.  Jewelry product ‘Ollo Classic’
and Chung_Won_Gun_Sul Apartment are paying 250 million won and 200 million
won (print ad only) respectively for 1 year contract.  Adding 200 million won from her movie
‘President Who Plays the Piano’, she made 850 million won within a month,
hitting a major jackpot.


2002.10.15 11:46:52

mei Jake, thanx a lot to you!!!!!!really really Thanxxxx a lot......:)


2002.10.15 11:47:11

you're always welcome~ ^^

Au Au

2002.10.15 11:47:35

Au Au Wow! Jake, long time no see! And... there you are translating such a piece of wonderful news for us! Thanks a lot!


2002.10.15 11:47:55

mei Jake, what do you mean by"Because of their decision to star in the same CF, the two...........,isn't it because they have good feelings for each other'?issit you mean that they just make the scandal becaouse of they knew they are going to star in the same CF, so want to to make some news?


2002.10.15 11:48:18

irislaw I dont think they are making such scandal just for the CF. No need to do so.


2002.10.15 11:48:37

youamy i also hope not, because i really feel very happy when i knew that both of them will take part in the same CF with BYJ!!!!


2002.10.15 11:48:59

jude I guess we are just happy to see them as a "couple" again....


2002.10.15 11:49:20

Here Mei, the article imply that the two decided not to avoid shooting CF together although there were rumors out there.. not the other way around.


2002.10.15 11:49:41

mei i hope so...because same message, read by different person and will have different meaning,....but i really hope to see both of them to act in a same drama or CF again...because they are so match!!!


2002.10.15 11:50:01

purple i am happy if u and BYJ together


2002.10.15 11:50:18

someone Choi & Bae read same book - who moved my chesse in around June, i think htey want to develop their love indepth


2002.10.27 12:51:02

hack those medias..but if really happy for them if they r together : real-life couple


2002.12.30 01:35:57


2003.03.24 11:39:07

hi.....can i join?im also a big fan of choi ji woo and bae yong jun i really love their drama winter sonata they are really a good match from heaven!is there a new gossip about them or any new drama involve them?
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