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Choi, JiWoo will be the first Korean actress to become a heroine in a Hong Kong film.

Choi, JiWoo has been casted as the lead role in the Hong Kong melodrama movie ‘Ageing Youth’, and will start filming coming 10th.  It has been known that she will be paid 300 million won.

Choi, JiWoo has finished her casting contract on the 3rd, and is planned to leave immediately to start filming in Hong Kong.

Until now, Kim Min and Song SuengHun werecast for ‘Accidental Spy’ and ‘Virtual Weapon’ respectively, but they were considered important supporting roles, not leads.  Therefore, Choi, JiWoo is the first actual Korean actor to be cast for the lead role in a Hong Kong movie.

Her casting as the lead role in a Hong Kong film is mostly due to the broadcast of KBS 2TV drama ‘Winter Love Song’ in Taiwan and Hong Kong.  Director Lee InHang was mesmerized by Choi, JiWoo in ‘Winter Love Song’ and immediately sent a love call.

Choi, JiWoo will act with Hong Kong newcomer star Edissen Chen, and will also act with Jin, KwanHee.

In ‘Ageing Youth’, she stars as a college professor who falls in love with her student who is a kickboxer.

She is a sentimental woman who is perceived as being lovely by anyone.
Choi, JiWoo plans to start filming in Hong Kong on 10th.

Also, Choi, JiWoo has been offered to become ‘TuRangNaeGah’ shampoo’s main model.
The offer consists of 1 year contract with 400 million won guarantee.
Choi, JiWoo sources said that they are considering the offer positively, and if this offer is accepted, they plan to film for the CF in China towards the end of October.

Having finished filming ‘President Who Plays the Piano’ recently, Choi, JiWoo has become one of the main stars leading the ‘Hanryu’ trend in China with SBS ‘Beautiful Days’ and ‘Winter Love Song’.

It seems Choi, JiWoo will most likely have a larger fanbase in China with her movie ‘Ageing Youth’ and CF offers that will follow.
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