Bae YongJun-Choi JiWoo ‘Last Kiss’

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’Winter Love Song’ ends
Popular drama <Winter Love Song> decorated its ending scene with a passionate kiss between Bae YongJun and Choi JiWoo.

KBS 2TV <Winter Love Song> ended on the 19th with episode 20, with its popularity now left behind.  With the sea as their backdrop, Bae YongJun, who lost his vision, warmly hugs Choi JiWoo and kisses her at the last scene.

<Winter Love Song> started with a lot of interest, starring big stars like Bae YongJun, Choi JiWoo, and a star director Yun SukHo PD.
When the drama was finally revealed to the public, as expected, director Yun’s music video-like cinematography and Bae YongJun and Choi JiWoo’s poignant love got people’s attention and even brought down the popular drama <Women’s Realm>.  But amnesia, different mother sibling, awkward story line and such irritated the viewers.


2004.03.17 15:29:08

i like them both, coz their charisma and their blending are good, being so handsome(BYJ) and so pretty & talented (CJW) and the scenery is added.
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