Man of first love, unforgettable even in dreams, returns to reality.

Making fans shed tears with the story’s difficult love, KBS 2TV miniseries <Winter Love Song> (script: Yun EunKyung, Kim EunHee. Director: Yun SukHo. Mon.~Tues. 9:50 p.m.) is speeding up its story pace.  Although she falls in love with Lee MinHyung(Bae YongJun), Jung YuJin(Choi JiWoo) cannot betray Kim SangHyuk(Park YongHa), who has always supported her since childhood.  While struggling between the two, her first love returns like destiny.

The episodes broadcasted on 18~19th reveals that Lee MinHyung is indeed the same person as Kang JunSang.  However, Choi JiWoo doesn’t believe this, and falls into deeper sadness.  Her reaction seems realistic.  It would be difficult to believe that someone who died from a car accident suddenly came back alive.  And it’s even more difficult since she tried so hard to bury him in her past.

Choi JiWoo is receiving many more fans’ love, because of her improved natural acting style.  Choi JiWoo says, “The parts from now on are going to be more important, where strange psychological stress will take over.”  She doesn’t weaken her intensity towards the drama.

Not only will <Winter Love Song> allow younger generations to question what love really is, but it also will make people with painful first love grow reminiscent of their past.
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