Experiencing a hot winter singing a love song

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Even in drowsiness, hunger, and cold “acting is joyful”

Choi JiWoo(27) is making another hit with KBS 2TV miniseries <Winter Love Song>.  She is also in a battle.  The opponents are desire for sleep, food, and the cruel coldness.

She stars in only one drama <Winter Love Song>.  However, she has a lot of scenes to film, so every week she is busy traveling between Seoul, Choon_Chun, and YongPyung.

Because she shivers in the coldness filming all night long, her body is very much abused.  She feels that her appetite has shrunk because she skipped so many meals always feeling drowsy.  Hit by the cold winds, her skin has gotten worse, and she caught a cold.

But Choi JiWoo doesn’t hate this battle.  It is because as much as she suffers, what she receives from her accomplishments is priceless.

On 14th, Valentine’s Day, Choi JiWoo gave chocolates to all actors and staff members showing her cute and caring side to the people who she worked so hard with.

“I think I’ll die from lack of sleep.”

Choi JiWoo has a lot of sleep.  Most people know that she is a ‘sleepy-head’ who falls asleep in-between filming, with her head planted.

Recently she had a lot of crying scenes to film and had to repeat the ‘crying while sleeping’ routine.  She’s prone to fall asleep even at the signal to “shoot”, because filming went on for several days without any sleep.  But of course no one notices this except for the few close persons.

Momentarily asleep, she wakes up by surprising herself.  Slowly opening up her eyes, she lets her tears fall creating an amazing crying scene.  Not all sad expressions are the same.

Make a sad face but don’t shed any tears.  Cry with big drops of tears.  Director Yun SukHo’s demands never run out.

Even in places where someone can’t easily fall asleep, amazingly, she falls asleep.  It means that she is in need of that much sleep.  Choi JiWoo and filming crews alike stayed awake for 2 days before Chinese New Year so that they can rest on the day of New Year.

“Ah~I’m so hungry.”

Choi JiWoo says, “Skipping meals is now a part of our lifestyle.”  “I don’t remember when the last time we ate at a proper time was.”

While filming one day in YongPyung Ski Resort, Choi JiWoo felt like eating some fried chicken and a cold beer.  But only after the chicken got cold she was able to have a little taste of it, and the beer is still rolling around in a trunk of some car.

Because she worked so hard eating so little, she lost 3~4kg since December 12 when the filming begun.  She said she was surprised how slim she’s gotten when she stood on a scale one day.

“Coldness go away!”

Choi JiWoo is famous for being easily scared, but when it comes to coldness, she is worse.  The beautiful cinematography that director Yun SukHo prefers is the result of an intense physical sacrifice.

Choi JiWoo and other actors were showered with snowstorms 10 degrees below freezing point, and they had to roll around in snowfields for hours.

Choi JiWoo says, “When I think of those times, they horrify me…”

However, she remarks, “When we watch what we shot for <Winter Love Song> that day, while riding in the car, I feel better because the shoot looks so great.”

Of course the bodies of actors and staff are exhausted.  Choi JiWoo adds, “My case is nothing.  Director Yun SukHo is about to faint from exhaustion.  Just few days ago, an oriental medicine doctor came with the camera director and performed acupuncture and prescribed oriental medicine herbs.  Everyone is harming themselves that much to keep filming the drama,” and gave a quirky smile.
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