Who is JiWoo's ideal partner?

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Who Will Choi Jiwoo end up with?Internet users  play matchmaker by pairing her up with costars, Lee Byung Hun, Ryu Siwon and Bae Yong Jun.

Who is Choi Jiwoo's ideal  partner? Is it Bae Yong Jun or  Lee Byung Hun ?  Much discussion has been generated by  Internet users , following the broadcast of  dramas like Beautiful Days, Jin Shil and Winter Love Song.  Pairing her up with well-known actors like  Lee, Bae and Ryu  has   cemented her status as one of the most sought after actresses.

Choi Jiwoo's delicate beauty  is synonymous with her successful incarnations as  a fragile , innocent , kindhearted damsel in distress . This was especially so after  Beautiful Days was aired. Taiwanese audiences now regard Choi Jiwoo and Lee Byung Hun as the most compatible onscreen couple,  after watching their  passionate and touching onscreen romance. Jiwoo's warm and accomodating personality has also garnered praise from her male co-stars. One of them is Lee Byung Hun, who cited her performance as one of the key factors in the success of Beautiful Days.

However, Korean audiences feel that she is most compatible with  her 'regular screen partner' , Ryu Siwon, in terms of height , status and character...( basically  qualities you look for in a partner).  The success of Jin Shil in 2000 was topped off by them being voted 2001's best onscreen couple. Ryu's role as an exceptionally faithful and caring male , who is unswayed by the devious Park Son Young , and  their sweet onscreen romance led to rumors about them being an offscreen couple.

Having played the fragile damsel in distress in the abovementioned shows, Choi Jiwoo breaks out of this mould in Winter Love Song and seeks to  to embody a young, passionate modern woman. This  is reflected in her  more sophisticated dressing as well as a fresh and modern hairstyle  from the third episode onwards.   Both her and Bae Yong Jun's  styling and well-coordinated screen togs  are now all the rage in  Korea.

Bae's Hotelier co-star Song Yun Ah was originally regarded as his best co-star. However,  the success of Winter Love Song's bittersweet romance, a la Autumn Fairytale,  has seen ratings exceed 30%! Posters of  Choi Jiwoo and Bae Yong Jun embracing in the snow are plastered all over Korea, with their pairing creating yet another  hugely successful screen couple.

Judging from  viewers responses, lanky beauty Choi Jiwoo's earnest and heartfelt acting , is the reason why her 174 cm height poses no obstacle to their definition of a great screen couple. In fact, it seems that so far, she looks compatible with any actor!

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2002.10.27 13:02:26

BYJ suits her best!


2003.01.21 11:43:41

bae is perct. to jiwoo!! <-o-> ^^


2003.03.24 12:16:26

hi....although im late to join u but i just want to share my opinion with u guys can i?mmmmm....after watched winter sonata last year i think they are the best couple!i hope to see them again in a new drama,a new story and of course a new gossip about them i really hope that they will be together soon not only in drama but IN REAL LIFE!dont you agree with me?please tell me if u guys have a fresh story about them im waiting


2003.05.18 14:39:20

i think that byj and her r the cutest couple alive!!! they should defintly get together ^^


2007.01.29 17:06:03

of course, all the way choi ji woo & bae yong joon!!!!!! no matter what.
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