[Interview] Director Yun SukHo hits consecutive homeruns

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Jake (찬희)
Director Yun SukHo(45) is a lucky man.  With the old ‘first love’ theme, he made ‘Autumn Fairytale’ a classic, and he is doing the same with ‘Winter Love Song’.
The perfect couple Song SuengHun and Song HaeKyo from ‘Autumn Fairytale’ transitioned smoothly into Bae YongJun and Choi JiWoo.

-What’s the popularity’s secret.
“Even a grandmother has memories of their youth.  Although distracted by life, the pure emotions seen in romance comic books live within all of us.  That’s why I put so much effort into reviving the feeling of first love.  And it looks like this is working.”

-Are you satisfied with the actors’ performance.
“Everyone is doing the best with their parts.  Especially, Choi JiWoo’s transformation is surprising even me.  Because of her weak pronunciation, there were some reconsideration for casting her, but Choi JiWoo’s great acting took away all of our worries.”

-Do you include fashion trend.
“That is a misunderstanding.  All fashion is decided by the individual actors.”

-There are words about expanding the drama.
“I and the writer wishes to keep our original promise.  However, I understand that the producers have some ideas of their own.  The important thing is the story flow.  If there is more to write about, we can do more.  We don’t want the story to be forced.”

-What is the filming schedule like.
“Recently we had hard time filming between YongPyung Ski Resort and NamYi Island.  Of course, we have to work really hard until the end of the drama.”


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