I want to wear it like Choi JiWoo!

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Jake (찬희)

Winter Love Song is a drama that suddenly crushed the highest rated Mon/Tues drama Women’s Realm.  Among women, you can’t have a conversation if you haven’t seen Winter Love Song.  It seems the sensation which Autumn Fairytale carried now belongs to Winter Love Song!

The concept of the drama and the pretty display, and every dialogue vibrates people’s emotional strings.  But what grabs the women’s greatest attention is Choi JiWoo’s stylish fashion.  And the briefly shown Polaris necklace and tarot cards also buy their interest.

Especially during the scenes where Bae YongJun and Choi JiWoo comes out, not their dialogues, but their way of wearing the mufflers make people wonder how they wore it so stylishly.  It makes them think that anything looks stylish when pretty people wear them.

And Choi JiWoo’s major hairstyle transformation into a short cut.  The short cut hairstyle makes Choi JiWoo look like a person with more self-interest.  It’s a stunning image of a typical career woman.


During the high school scenes, she tied her bouncy, long hair with a Agatha hair band making a ponytail.  She also used hair pins and let her hair down.  But the grownup YuJin boldly cut her hair short.

YiHee Hair and Makeup did the styling for Choi JiWoo.  Her hairstyle is so popular that it is ranked number one as the hairstyle women wants to do for the spring(2324 out of total 6417 votes).  That’s 36% who wishes to have the same hairstyle as Choi JiWoo.  The round hairstyle contrasts the facial line, with the blue black hair color making her look confident and careful.  It gives a clean image of a smart career woman.

Because this hairstyle leans towards being cute, the image will go well with most Korean women.  However, YiHee hairstylist adds that people with rounded face or big cheeks should stay away from this hairstyle.

Silver accessories

Choi JiWoo necklace is the Tous brand.  The Spain brand Tous uses cute characters such as dolls, teddy bears, tulip, and stars.  Although silver tends to look cold and lifeless, because Choi JiWoo wears it, it looks so pure.

Polaris is a scientific name for the North star.  Because of the name, it may seem like a more complex star.

MinHyung(Bae YongJun) gives YuJin(Choi JiWoo) a necklace with a star pendant, saying that even when you’re lost in the woods, finding the Polaris will help you.  That necklace is also made of white silver.

Muffler styling

Try following how Bae YongJun wore his muffler.  It is known as the ‘twister’ muffler style, because they’ve been twisted around and around.

<How to wear a muffler>
1. Hang the muffler on your neck with one side short and the other side long.  2. With the longer side, wrap the muffler around your neck once, making the muffler look like a pig’s tail.  3. Pass the short side through the loop that the long side has made.  4. Now pass the longer end to the new loop that the shorter side has made.  Pull both sides to tighten.
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