Choi JiWoo constantly requested for CF

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Jake (찬희)
About 30 calls per day…Also, Andre Kim fashion show’s main model
<Winter Love Song> is making Choi JiWoo(27) special.  With the help of the drama’s popularity, she is constantly requested to be in CFs, and she will stand as the main model in the coming Andre Kim fashion show.  She is enjoying the <Winter Love Song>’s popularity premium.

As KBS 2TV Miniseries <Winter Love Song>’s popularity steadily grew, all types of companies are calling Choi JiWoo’s management company to hire her as their CF model.  About 30 calls are received everyday.

Also, Choi JiWoo was decided as the main model for Andre Kim’s fashion show, which will be held on April 22nd, inside an opera house in Sydney, Australia.  It will be the first time for a Korean fashion designer to hold a fashion show in an opera house.

Starring as a skilled architect in <Winter Love Song>, many architectural companies are requesting Choi JiWoo to promote their apartment buildings.  Half of her many calls are related to such a field.  Already, a contract was signed receiving a guarantee of 130,000,000 won, for 6 months of modeling for NamSunToGun’s ‘Deberre Vita’ apartment buildings.

Besides that, she is getting love calls from HanGook Telecommunication, LGLifeHealth, Sky Life, Golden Dew, Paroma, and other companies, asking Choi JiWoo to star in their CF, saying “Choi JiWoo’s pure and clean image fits perfectly with our product.”  The amount of guarantees they consider paying are 150,000,000~250,000,000 won for 6 months' work.

Choi JiWoo says, “I guess it’s because of the drama’s popularity that CF request and Andre Kim main model is possible, so I am happier than ever before now.”  She couldn’t hide her happiness.


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