Bae YongJun-Choi JiWoo real lovers??

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Jake (찬희)
“Aren’t you guys real lovers?”  Recently, the two leads of K2TV Mon/Tues Miniseries ‘Winter Love Song’ are under suspicion of being real life couple.

These rumors are being strongly accepted by ‘Winter Love Song’ manias who visit its filming locations.  Extreme fans go as far as to find out where the filming location is beforehand, and then go see the actors and their performances as they are being filmed.

These extreme fans, who have witnessed the filming since the first episode, said “Recently, their relationship has grown suspicious.”  Hence, they spread their opinion to all type of ‘Winter Love Song’ related homepages.

One of the extreme fans claim that he/she watched the two lead roles during the filming of the InChun airport scene, and said, “Although it was a very tiresome situation with all the continuous filming, whenever they faced each other, they seemed rejuvenated.”  The fan added, “They looked like a real couple when Bae YongJun got playful and helpful around Choi JiWoo when she was doing her makeup.”

Actually, this kind of story wasn’t spread just by those fans.  Few crew members spread such rumor as well.  One of them noted, “The two of them take extreme care of each other.  Since they spend most of their time together during the shoot, it’s not unlikely for such rumors to spread.”

When asked, ‘is reality like the drama,’ relations of Bae YongJun and Choi JiWoo replied it wasn’t true.  “It’s true that they are close because they starred together in ’97 ‘First Love’ before.  But, they are just close and friendly actors who deeply respect one another.”

“Isn’t it natural that they are in good moods, since they do act as lovers in the drama?”  “I wish people can just simply enjoy the drama for what it is.”
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