Choi JiWoo’s dilemma

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Jake (찬희)
After ‘Winter Love Song’, she is planning to challenge the movie industry.  Among 10 or so scenarios, she chose 4, and now has to choose one.  Choi JiWoo, who is receiving much love from the audiences of K2TV ‘Winter Love Song’, has fallen in a dilemma.

She plays the female lead that portrays a beautiful love story, stimulating the audience’s tears with a dramatic storyline.  After the drama, she is faced with a difficult decision, having to choose a new work.

Even before ‘Winter Love Song’, Choi JiWoo was demanded by the movie industry, receiving 10 scenarios.  Her big plan to challenge herself with a new movie was already set a while ago.

Since then, because of the audience’s praises, she was held back by TV drama, having to push movies aside temporarily.  But now the time to make her final decision is coming closer.

While the drama went on, her manager picked out 4 scenarios.  Sidus, Kang JaeGyu Film, GheeHaek ShiDae, and other Korean majors’ work and a health product company Will’s work are her choices.

She just needs to choose from those 4, but since Choi JiWoo thinks all of the four works are the kind of work she always wanted to do, it is difficult to make up a decision.

Especially, Choi JiWoo was very well received for her work in ‘Winter Love Song’, with a pure and innocent image and a great portrayal of a woman in love.  Her popularity has greatly risen.  Because of this, all the works that wanted Choi JiWoo are proposing to pay great amounts to hire her, making the decision to choose even more difficult.

Also, Choi JiWoo is known for her rule of doing one work at a time, whether it is a drama or a movie, because she wants to do her best for one work.  This is making her decision more careful, as well.

“All four works are too good to miss out.
I don’t know which one to choose.”

No matter which work she ends up choosing, Choi JiWoo is prepared to do her best to show a great performance, to become an actress who has both popularity and a great acting ability.


2002.03.15 21:19:51

如何決定???---1.角色不同於以往 2.角色能吸引觀眾 3.試試看 跟自己的極限挑戰
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