Choi, JiWoo to visit Pusan home

조회 수 17157 2002.11.05 16:41:46
Jake (찬희)
Choi, JiWoo will take a vacation to Pusan for 3 days and 4 nights today, the 6th.  The vacation will reunite her with her father, brother, sister-in-law, and other family members living in Pusan Kwang-Ahn-Li.  Because of her film 'President Who Plays the Piano', planned to premiere on December, she couldn't visit her home town, until now.  Choi, JiWoo explains she made time in a long while, since she has to leave for Hong Kong to film 'Aging Youth' starting late November.

Choi, JiWoo plans on sharing conversation with her brother and his wife, married late 2000, to make up for lost times.  She also plans to meet her neglected home town friends and spend delightful moments together.  Choi, JiWoo said, "I was always regretful having so little time for my family, making excuses with my schedule.  From now on, I will think more about creating time for my family."

Akira Takako

2002.12.11 00:22:45

JAKE, if i'm not mistaken, JiWoo had another movie in Hong Kong right? so has it been finished fliming or whut? Since the President plays the piano has been completed.. news stated that there was another movie that JiWoo was supposed to act with Edison Chen right? i'm really confused...


2002.12.18 17:34:56

first, sorry for responding so late..^^ the Hong Kong movie is being delayed, because Edison Chen needed to do other works... So, JiWoo is still waiting for the HK movie... Meanwhile, JiWoo plans to film another film..most likely a Korean film...
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