CJW "I am still young."

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Last winter, after studying in France, Choi, JiWoo(YuJin) reunited with her blind lover Bae, YongJun(JunSang) in K2TV drama "Winter Sonata".  Now, she returns as a teacher to greet the audience.  Next month on the 6th, Choi, JiWoo will come back to the film scene as a highschool teacher Choi, EunSoo in "President Who Plays the Piano"(director: Jun, ManBae  Production: CineWal).

The movie is about the teacher, EunSoo, who teaches the president's only daughter, resolving their struggles, then falling in love with the president himself.  Although it seems Choi, JiWoo wants to be both drama and movie star, her fans don't get to see her as often, because of her set rules of putting more attention to her works, avoiding show programs and other misleading appearances.  That is why it is so nice to meet her again after 9 months, through 'Piano~'.

―'Winter Sonata' ended on March, and 'President Who Plays the Piano' started filming on May.  What did you do during those 2 months.

I ate a lot (hohoho).  I am a type who eats very well.  Although I am skinny(174cm 50kg), one of the things I'm good at is eating.  I eat pretty much anything, and I especially like meat (here her manager Jang, JiWook adds, "I have to buy her meat at least once a week, or else she starts complaining").  Before, I watched a lot of videos and DVDs at home, but this year, no matter what, I went to the theaters with my friends.  Even while filming 'President~', I watched newly released films, especially all the Korean films.  I watched 'MilAe' 'JoongDok' 'Family Honor' 'MongJungGi' 'Tuxedo', and I especially enjoyed the Japanese film about a wife's spirit entering inside her daughter's spirit, reuniting with her husband, 'Secret'.

―Did you not drink with your friends.

I didn't drink often, but seldom.  Although I don't like to drink, I can tilt 3 to 4 drinks of sweetened alcoholic beverages without worrying.  The thing about my friends is that we goto the kareoke bar sober very well.  While wandering around the street, someone says, 'Let's goto a Kareoke bar,' then we each buy a soft drink and sing and have more fun than drunk people do for 2~3 hours.

―You received many screenplays since ‘WLS' started broadcasting.  Why did you end up choosing 'President~'?  Any reasons?

It was because of Mr. Ahn, SungKi's proposal.  If Mr. Ahn wasn't in this film, it would have been difficult to choose this movie.  With Mr. Ahn, we worked together in 'Park, BongGun's Runaway Incident' and 'Nowhere to Hide'.  Since I knew working with him is extremely comfortable and mostly beneficial to me, I did not measure up anything and decided to be casted.  Also, another reason was that this work had a character different from my previous works, and I thought this was my chance to change my fixed image.  I was desperate to move away from YuJin's weak, innocent image in 'Winter Sonata', and EunSoo in 'President~' was the perfect character for my next work.  She is strong, cheerful, and full of playful characteristics, which is very similar to my real life image.  Aren't I really cute?

―True.  EunSoo in this film is really cute.  She is cute, but already 27 years old.  Any thoughts on marriage?  What about Bae, YongJun, reported together in the news articles?

At times when two single actor/actress act in a love drama, they end up as real lovers or married couples.  But there are also times when even though that isn't true, because of their image in the drama, they are reflected as being real lovers.  Please see Bae, YongJun oppa and me in 'Winter Sonata' as the later.  Isn't it true that now that the drama is over and the heat is gone, there are no more rumours about me?  Recently, I hear a lot of words that Mr. Ahn and I look good together.  But since Mr. Ahn is married and we have a huge age gap between us, there are no such rumours around(right?).  Personally, I like Han, JoonSuk Mr. Ahn plays in this film than JoonSang in 'Winter Sonata'.  Not because he is the president, but because of his warm, caring, kind, and honest aspects that make him more humane.  I had more situations where I had to call the others unnie and oppa, but not knowing since when, I discovered many around me are calling me unnie and nunna instead.  Still, unnies like Yu, HoJung, Shin, AeRa, and Oh, YuenSoo laugh their heart-out with my playfulness around them.  I am still Young.  Both as a woman and especially more as an actress.

―Your future plans?

We filmed 'Winter Sonata' in YongPyung ski resort, but I never rode ski there.  This holiday season, I want to visit the ski resort oftenly.  And starting January of next year, I will start filming my next work.  It's a movie.  Next year, I want to do a lot of work.  Recently, I've grown more ambitious about my work.

Choi, JiWoo "I respect Mr. Ahn, SungKi and Park, JoongHoon"

The actors Choi, JiWoo most respect are Mr. Ahn, SungKi and Park, JoongHoon.  Her close celebrities are Yu, HoJung, Shin, AeRa, Oh, YuenSoo, Kim, MinHee.  She is very close with Yu, HoJung, enough to attend her marriage anniversity and congratulate them.  With the question, "What did you give her as a present?" she answered, "Isn't my presence a huge present in itself?" then laughed, and from her smiling face, a flawless beauty was greatly felt.  She had a honest, straight forward, and casual personality.  At first, she called Mr. Ahn teacher, but with his request, "Just call me sunbae(meaning someone more experienced in any field)", she changed how she calls him.  In the film industry, Ahn, SungKi is called Ahn sunbae.  Ahn sunbae has become a noun.  Park, JoongHoon attended the 'President~' premiere and told Choi, JiWoo, "Ahn sunbae and JiWoo make a great match." and proposed to her, "Do a work with me together, also".  These days, Ahn, SungKi is known as the "President of Film Industry."  Maybe Choi, JiWoo wants to become the "Queen of Cinema".


2002.12.03 00:11:57

Hope ur movie PWPTP has English substitles


2002.12.16 04:26:15

so it isnt true abt the rumor that something is going on between Jiwoo and Bae yong jun? can anyone crarify this pls?


2007.01.29 15:06:22

yah, what's is the truth? i like you both together, in a film & in real life. pls... answer this question? but your good really good together.
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