[StarCafe] Choi JiWoo “I eat ginseng for power”

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‘I eat ginseng for power.’

K2TV ‘Winter Love Song’ lead actress Choi JiWoo (27) reveals her secret to being unbreakable.

‘Winter Love Song’ is now being filmed all over Kang_Won province and YongPyung, KyunKi province GaPyung without any rest.  With one episode airing 70 minutes (even without commercials), and director Yun SukHo only settling for the best cinematography possible, the actors and staffs are maintaining their health by taking short bursts of sleep.

Especially, lead actress Choi JiWoo comes out in almost every scene, so when filming starts, she can’t even rest for 1 minute.  2~3 hours of sleep a day is all.  Unable to bear seeing her suffering, Choi JiWoo’s manager went on a Internet shopping site and bought a 1,200,000Won ginseng and prepared it himself for her.  Because of this health boost, she has enough energy to smile even through the harsh filming condition.

“Except for the actors...crew members such as managers and cinematographerer take shifts.  It is that much tiring, but watching the ratings steadily go up in a straight line, we gain a lot of strength.”

Saying that she works with the mindset that this drama will create a turning point in her acting career, she adds, “Not ginseng, but fans’ love is the real secret to my super-human health,” then laughed.


2002.02.14 14:40:16

Translator's note: Did you know that Korean ginseng is considered the most effective in the world. That's why the ginseng JiWoo ate costs about 1,200 U.S. dollars...
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