Broadcasting its first episode on January 14th, KBS 2TV ‘Winter Love Song’ was eagerly waited, because it was directed by Yun SukHo of ‘Fall Fairy Tale’.  Because of the explosive popularity, KBS set up 3 separate servers dedicated for ‘Winter Love Song’, recording over 12,000,000 hits on 6th this month.  Among younger generations, downloading mobile phone ‘Winter Love Song’ characters and ringer sounds has become extremely popular.  As for the mobile phone character images, 174,600 downloads were made in just one week.  Also, its popularity has spread worldwide, making foreign fans of China, Taiwan, Singapore, and Vietnam wait painfully for its arrival.

Like the drama, the actors who play the main characters, Choi JiWoo and Bae YongJun, are receiving a lot of love from their fans.  Choi JiWoo especially goes well with the image of white snow.  8 years from her debut, she cut her long hair away for the first time.  This story reveals the ‘Winter Love Song’ that Choi JiWoo wishes to portray, director Yun SukHo's thought on Choi JiWoo, and the war-like filming schedule.

“About to die because she can’t stand the coldness…When over, to enter movies”

Choi JiWoo is restless from winter filming.  “I am especially sensitive to cold weather, and it’s killing me, since we practically live on the snowfield for entire days.”  We met Choi JiWoo at YongPyung Ski Resort, the most concentrated filming spot of the drama, and she told us that she didn’t sleep for several days.  She added, “It’s a war against sleep and coldness.”  But she has a lot of ambition for this drama.  That’s why she goes out in the snowfield alone, listening to sad songs to bring out more emotion.  After ‘Winter Love Song’, she plans to prioritize herself for the big screen.

In real life, Choi JiWoo says, “I think I experienced my first love during my college (PuSanYuhJun) years,” revisiting her fond old memories.  But unlike the role she plays in the drama, she smiles after saying, “I’m a person with a style who doesn’t linger on past love.  So, even if I meet my first love again, I don’t think I will grow hesitant.”  Graduated from PuSan DukMoon Female High School, Choi JiWoo is the second child of one son and one daughter.  Unlike the image that she’s known for, she has a lively personality.  Last year, she admitted to the HanYang University under Theater/Film major.  She said because of the negative remarks about her acting, she wanted to learn how to act in an educational setting.  She never learned how to act, so this time she is happy that she is getting the proper education along with a 4 year scholarship.  She debuted on 1994 through MBC 23rd Talent search.  On 1996, her presence got to be known through the drama “First Love”, starring opposite Bae YongJun.  It’s been 8 years since then.

“At that time, I was a newbie and people didn’t even know who I was, but Bae YongJun was already a star, so I remember being very tense then.  It was uncomfortable because Bae YongJun spoke so little during filming, but perhaps it could be because time has passed, since now we act(work) comfortably with each other.”

Nighttime filming…At times actor, staff fall asleep

Although famous for her crying acts, she helped the success of the drama’s earlier parts with her lively and high-spirited image in ‘Winter Love Song’.  Appearing as a high school girl wearing a white hair band, she took the audiences back to the old time known as the “Uniform Age”, and helped the drama’s popularity.  Director Yun said, “(Choi JiWoo was) known as the queen of pure and vulnerable image, but in reality, she is an actress who’s bright image is more appealing.”  As a director who made WonBin famous through ‘Fall Fairy Tale’, he adds, “If WonBin has the ‘sad deer’s eyes’, Choi JiWoo posses the ‘pure eyes’ that has no conceit or evil.”

But because of the harsh filming, Choi JiWoo’s ‘pure eyes’ are turning red.

Director Yun comments about the end of the drama, “Personally, I want to make it a happy ending without any of the main characters dying.  But isn’t it likely that someone will leave his/her loved one?”  Choi JiWoo saids this about the popularity of ‘Winter Love Song’, “In reality, there aren’t any men who are like SangHyuk or MinHyung.”


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