[re] 'Winter Love Song' finally beats 'Yuh_In_Chun_Ha'

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Hi Jake,
It's such pleasure to be able to read all the news about JW in English.  You're a saviour to have, translating all these news.  Don't worry about taking too long to post all news and views.  I know it is such a labourious job but I guess it 's a labour of love for you because of the love and admiration for JW's work.  Keep up the excellent work.  It looks like I have to get on News and Info to check out your latest instalment.  And also to read other foreigners' postings, hopefully.

I'll keep in touch, too.


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>Finally, 'Winter Love Song' is ahead of 'Yuh_In_Chun_Ha'(Woman's Realm)....
>K2TV Mon/Tues Drama 'Winter Love Song' recorded 27.2%(AC Nilsen Standard) rating on the 4th, beating 'Yuh_In_Chun_Ha' by pushing it down to 24.3%.
>Last month on 14th, first broacast of the drama-series recorded 16.3%.
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